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Kathleen Trotter Personal Trainer
June 2014


I have decided to call this month's newsletter (only slightly in jest) "Kathleen's anti-sitting rant".

We all sit WAY too much. We sit at work, in the car, while drinking our coffees and of course in front of the TV. Working out a few times per week (although great), doesn't make up for being sedentary the rest of your life. We all have to work to limit both how often and how long we sit.

Main take-away thus far: make a conscious effort to stand-up and move around!

Unfortunately, for most of us, some amount of sitting is a necessary evil. So, find ways to mitigate its negative effects. Since sitting tends to tighten our chest muscles and round us forward, regularly stretch out your chest.

Not sure how to do that? Conveniently, all you have to do is read this month's featured exercises! :-) The one done on the Foam Roller is a personal favorite. If you don't have a roll, use pillows.

In all three of this month's featured articles I offer additional ways to minimize and / or mitigate the effects of sitting. In the first article I discuss the pros and cons of working at a standing desk. A quick side note, the nice people at Varidesk sent me a standing desk to try. I loaned it to a client who has been suffering from back pain. His pain seems to be greatly improved.

In the second article I demonstrate an "anti sitting" 'stealth' exercise. In the final featured article I show how one can easily workout at home. The bonus of working out at home is that you don't have to spend time sitting in the car getting to and from the gym.

Exercises of the Month
(You get two exercises this month!)

Foam Roller Stretch

Lie lengthwise on a foam roller. Make sure your head is supported by the roll. Let your arms lie on the floor so that your body forms a "t". Hold for thirty seconds and enjoy.

Door frame stretch

Stand in a door frame. Bring one arm up to shoulder height. Bend the arm to form a 90 degree angle at your elbow. Place the inner part of your forearm against the frame. Turn slightly away from your arm. Feel a gentle stretch in your chest. Hold for 30 seconds. Switch sides.


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