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Kathleen Trotter Personal Trainer
Happy New Year!

Happy 2017! I hope everyone is having a happy and HEALTHY year to date :-) (Side note: How is it possible that it is 2017?? Crazy pants!)

I am proud and excited to announce that my year started off with a media “bang”!! Of most note is the marathon of over 18 interviews I did for CBC Radio on January 3rd. I spoke with anchors stationed across Canada, from Dave in Whitehorse on “Airplay” to Robyn in Victoria on “All Points West.” A personal favourite is my interview with Gill Deacon from “Here and Now.”  

I also had the pleasure of discussing my book Finding Your Fit on Global Montreal

and CHCH Hamilton. I have the best mother ever — she drove me to Hamilton for the interview. Look in the “media” section for more fun links and follow me on social media for instant “Kathleen updates” and useful fitness information!

Is your dedication to your New Year’s resolutions starting to slip away? Are you in search of some motivation? Try a fun new workout — maybe with a friend. I find sampling a new workout with a friend very inspiring. To figure out which type of class might be for you, read my most recent Huffington Post blog or one of my Sweat Test columns for the Globe and Mail. In the past month I reviewed hot yoga and CrossFit.

This month, instead of a recipe I have listed three ways to make healthy eating simple and fast. Why? The key to adopting a healthier lifestyle is to always have a PLAN; these three tips will help you make a plan that is realistic, simple, and convenient. The exercise of the month is one you can do with a friend because — as I mentioned above — working out with a buddy can be a great way to make exercise fun.


Exercise of the Month
        Partner-resist side planks

Both you and your partner start in a side plank, facing each other, balancing on your left forearms and feet. While holding the side plank, place your right hands palm-to-palm. Holding this position, gently try to push your partner over. Hold for 30 seconds and switch sides. Brace yourself through your core to stay stable. 


Make Healthy Eating Simple and Fast!!

Have easy-to-assemble healthy foods already prepped and waiting so you can make up a healthy meal or snack as quickly as you can microwave pizza or grab some chips

  1. On Sunday make a big batch of a healthy soup or chili, cut lots of vegetables, grill chicken, cook some quinoa and beans, or wash spinach or kale. That way you can create a healthy salad or quinoa bowl in minutes.
  2. Have healthy snacks prepped and ready to go. Always keep options in your purse, at work, and at home so you never grab an unhealthy snack because you are starving and “need” something. For example, have Ziplock bags of one serving of nuts, hard boiled eggs, cut up vegetables, air-popped popcorn, apples, or pears readily available.
  3. Have healthy "grab and go" breakfast options prepped so you have no excuse to skip the meal!
Hard boil a bunch of eggs. Then grab one of them plus a few cut-up vegetables for a healthy meal in literally seconds. Make a smoothie the night before. If you have a fridge at work leave some yogurt or almond milk at work and mix in some Chia seeds and a banana for a fast and fibre-filled meal.

Or, make six or ten mini egg “muffins” every Sunday and eat them through the week. Sauté a bunch of vegetables then place them into separate muffin tins. Mix a bunch of eggs and pour roughly half an egg into each cup. Cook muffins in the oven and viola — a healthy breakfast you can grab as you walk out the door. When you have an extra minute enjoy the "muffin" with some avocado or a piece of whole grain bread.


What's New
I'm excited to announce that my website has been listed as 1 of the Top 100 Fitness Blogs on the Planet.

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