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Kathleen Trotter Personal Trainer
Happy Holidays!

Happy December everyone!  

Welcome to my favorite season!! I LOVE December — love might actually be an understatement! These videos are proof! :-)

Now, I know that for many reasons, not everyone shares my joy for the holidays. One reason this season can be challenging for us is that it can be hard to stay on the “health horse”; but surviving the holidays is possible — you just need a plan. A few of my recent links will help.
In this Globe column I discuss easy food substitutions that make a big difference.

I also had the pleasure of joining Lianne Laing from CTV Ottawa

and Dylan Black from Rogers Ottawa (I am roughly 27 minutes into the hour) to discuss how to thrive this holiday season!
Last, always remember the Kathleenism that “something is always better than nothing.” Movement has to be a non-negotiable. When you can’t get to the gym, no problem. Work out at home! Read my recent Globe column to learn how to set up a home gym and watch these three fitness videos from Dundurn Press to learn simple yet effective “do anywhere” exercises. Video one. Video two. Video three
Also in this edition we have a yummy recipe from Tara Postnikoff; a quote from Dr. Bill Fordyce; a seminal thinker in cognitive behavioural theory, pain management, and movement re-education; and an interesting health fact from the British Journal of Sports Medicine.
Want to get a head start on adopting a healthier lifestyle in 2017? Watch my interview with my mentor and colleague Matthew Wallden to WIN a copy of Finding Your Fit!

Quote of the Month
        Dr. Fordyce

I am extremely proud of this Globe column I wrote on how to support a loved one during their health process. Owing to space, a paragraph was cut that included one of my favourite quotes from Dr. Fordyce. So, I figured I would share it here.
Originally the column included the following: "As Dr. Fordyce, a seminal thinker in cognitive behavioural theory, pain management, and movement re-education said, ‘Education is to behaviour change as spaghetti is to brick.’ One doesn’t have anything to do with the other. We all know the benefits of working out and eating well. I am sure your loved one understands why he or she should adopt a healthier lifestyle, but when it comes to our health, knowing and doing — especially doing over the long term — are two very different things. You can lecture your loved one on the benefits of making a health change, but until they are ready to change, logical information just won’t stick." 


Fact of the Month
        Interesting fact from the
        British Journal of Sports Medicine

Swimming, racquet sports, and aerobics linked to best odds of staving off death.
In terms of exercise, swimming, racquet sports, and aerobics seem to be associated with the best odds of staving off death from any cause and from heart disease and stroke.
The health benefits of physical activity are legion, but to try and quantify the impact of different types of sports and exercise on the odds of beating death, the researchers analyzed data from 11 nationally representative annual health surveys for England and Scotland, carried out between 1994 and 2008. Overall, compared with the survey respondents who said they had not done a given sport, risk of death from any cause was 47% lower among those who played racquet sports; 28% lower among swimmers; 27% lower among aerobics fans; and 15% lower among cyclists.

Recipe of the Month
        Trio of Hummus
        Tara Postnikoff—Heal Nutrition

Everyone loves a healthy snack.  Hummus is quick and easy to make and can be used as a veggie dip or spread.  Bored of your typical hummus?  Why not try spicy sweet potato hummus, or vibrant beet hummus.  Both recipes are delicious and nutritious and will help you with your healthy eating goals!

Prep Time: 20 min | Cook Time: 35 min | Total Time: 55 min

Ingredients for Basic Hummus
1 can Organic Chickpeas, drained and rinsed well
1 lemon, juiced
1/4 cup tahini
2 tbsp olive oil
1 clove garlic, pressed
sea salt and ground pepper to taste.

Beet Hummus
Ingredients of Basic Hummus
2-3 beets, peeled and cut into chucks.
Cook beets in boiling water for 10-12 minutes or until tender.

Spicy Sweet Potato Hummus
1 large sweet potato
1 tsp cayenne pepper
Ingredients for Basic Hummus
Bring water in a pot to a boil and add peeled and chopped sweet potato.  Bring back to a boil and reduce and simmer, covered for about 10-12 minutes, or until tender.  

Directions for all
Using a food processor, combine all ingredients and puree for about 1 minute.  Add 1/4 water to thin if necessary and puree a bit longer.  Serve with cut vegetables or Mary’s Wheat Free Crackers.

Tara Postnikoff of Heal Nutrition
Tara wants to help you feel better inside and out, succeed and make HEALTHY EATING ACTIVE LIVING™ your new lifestyle. Whether you are just getting started with your nutrition or training or if you’ve been at it for years, she can show you how to realize your health and performance potential.


What's New
I'm excited to announce that my website has been listed as 1 of the Top 100 Fitness Blogs on the Planet.

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