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Kathleen Trotter Personal Trainer
July 2014


Happy July everyone!

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and capitalizing on the beautiful weather. I know I am, I love training outdoors. I am active outside whenever possible, but I am cautious. The sun can be dangerous. In this month's featured article I offer you my four tried and true summer "beat the beat" training tips. Rather watch a video on the topic? Take a look at my Globe and Mail 'Fitness Basic' video.

A great way to capitalize on the season is to train to run or walk your first 5 or 10km race. Interested? Take a look.

This month's featured exercise is perfect for summer; it can be done anywhere. Try it in a park, in your hotel room or even on the dock.

Lastly, if you are concerned about your posture, take a look at my recent Stealth column. It might be my favorite Stealth column yet!

Exercise of the Month

The Plank Challenge

Start with your hands and feet on the ground in a plank position. Touch your right hand to your left shoulder. Then tap your left hand to your right shoulder. Don't let your hips move. Next, extend your right arm forward so it hovers in the air in front of you, then repeat with your left hand. Again, keep your hips stable. Finish by bringing your right knee up towards your right shoulder, then your left knee towards your left shoulder.

That is one rep. Try for five reps. This is a hard combo. Make sure you have mastered the basic plank before you try it!


Article of the Month

Four tried and true summer "beat the heat" training tips!

1. Modify your training expectations and listen to your body. Dial your training back. If your easy run is usually a nine minute mile, maybe try a ten minute mile instead. If your usual easy workout feels hard, don't push it. Work at a intelligent perceived exertion. By that I mean, stay at a 7 out of ten level of perceived exertion, even if that means the workout feels wimpy relative to your usual workout. The sun will make everything feel harder.

2. If possible, avoid training in the heat of the day. Make use of the long hours of sunlight by training outside in the morning or evening. If you have to train at 12pm, think about training indoors. Stay by a window so you still get to enjoy the light. Or, at the very least, find a shady route and modify your workout.

3. Use common sense. Don't attempt a personal best during the peak heat of the day and follow traditional sun recommendations. Use sunscreen, wear a hat and light clothing and stay hydrated.

4. Lastly, make sure to warm-up and cool-down for at least ten minutes. Don't underestimate how long it takes for your body to adapt to the heat. If you usually run for forty minutes, start with a ten to twenty minute outdoor workout, and gradually build up to your regular training length.


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