Dear space enthusiasts,

The equinox on the 22nd of September has announced the official start of autumn. Soon, days will get shorter and darker. But don’t worry, Space Expedition Corporation has plenty of good news for you to look forward to.
Just a short mission update, to keep you up to speed with our latest developments. We’re very excited to confirm that XCOR is in its final stages of completing the Lynx Mk I spaceship.
At this point we are exactly on schedule and we foresee no critical adversities. That means that on final completion of the Lynx, we shall be focusing 100% on getting ready in time for our first test flight. This is planned for the end of Q1 next year. Because this step is so significant, we’ve made the decision to allocate all of our people, time and energy to this dedication. This means however, that on the one hand we have to postpone some fun stuff (like the roll out party that we were planning) to the end of Q1 as well. On the other hand it means we’ll be having a combined roll out / first flight event, which will be even more exciting. When we’ve set the definite date, you’ll be the first to know!
We are very proud and excited to announce some of our latest collaborations, upcoming events and critical dates. Enjoy reading on what SXC is working on right now!
May the force be with you.
Michiel Mol // CEO


Look stylish in Space: SXC pairs up with Denham the Jeanmaker

Revolutionary denim brand Denham the Jeanmaker has honored us by designing a special astronaut capsule collection. Designed in SXC’s signature blue, the garments in this ‘training kit’ are meant to make all of our future astronauts look and feel fully prepared for the journey. A special edition in stylish black is now available online and in DENHAM stores for all the supporters of the astronauts.
Also be sure to check out the Denham store windows and their webshop!   


Training Reports

We’ve had another few successful training sessions during the last month!
Please find some of the astronauts’ testimonies below:
“Good Afternoon Space-Invaders,
I wanted to take a quick moment to express my gratitude for the experience you afforded me yesterday.
I won't attempt to paraphrase the experience in the tandem cabin of the L-39, except to say that the sensation was full of moments both beautiful and sublime. Despite all the obligatory talk of G-forces, motion-sickness and adrenaline, my short flight was characterized mostly by power, grace and heavenly silence.  Fantastic.  So thank you all very much again.
Keep the Faith, Liam”
“Dear SXC team,
I can't thank you enough, what you and the rest of the SXC team is building is completely original and offers something way beyond a product or ticket. I am even more confident in the company after becoming acquainted with the participating heavy hitters in medicine, aviation, technology and business.
I just want to let you know that the training was incredible. The Desdemona was something I will never forget. But flying in the jet was way beyond my expectations which were high. I have always wanted to fly in a jet, and it was the single most amazing experience I have ever had to fly around the clouds, feel the g forces as well as weightlessness. I'm still shell shocked by the jet.
Best, Justin”
Training Desdemona 
Participants from Belgium, Turkey and the United States experienced some serious G-forces during their Desdemona training September 18th. While seated in a simulator, astronauts took off from the digitally reconstructed Curacao Space Port after which they saw the earth’s curve, while feeling the sensation of flying a space aircraft.
Training L-39 Albatross aircraft
Another training on the program was with the L-39 Albatros aircraft. Astronauts and their instructor geared up for a flight in the jet trainer, experiencing superior speed and agility in the Dutch skies.
This last L-39 training mission was extra special, because we were accompanied by the Denham team. They shot their campaign on Eelde air base for the Denham the Jeanmaker SXC training kit. And the model for the day was our very own Harry Van Hulten!


SXC Agenda

Please let us know if you are interested in attending one or more events / training missions, and we will provide you with more details
Desdemona Training Mission
04 & 06 March 2013
03 & 05 June 2013
26 & 28 August 2013
04 & 06 November 2013
L39 Training Mission 
05 & 07 March 2013
04 & 06 June 2013
27 & 29 August 2013
05 & 07 November 
Zero-G Training Mission 
Cape Canaveral, FL : 22 & 23 March 2013
The ZERO-G Experience® is a ZERO-G product.
Reseller training @ Amsterdam SXC Office
12  October 2012
SXC event 
NYC : 29 & 30 October 2012
Abu Dhabi : 1-4 November 2012
Texas: 12-18 November 2012
Brazil : 19-25 November 2012 
Northern Light Flight@ Spaceport Sweden & ICEHOTEL 
29 January – 1 February 2013
Join today! please contact our Astronaut Relations Manager

Don’t miss out, there are still tickets left for our Founder program!

We commenced our ticket sales 12th of April 2011, (50 yrs after 1st man in space Yuri Gagarin); and until now 175 tickets have been sold on our Lynx flights. If you want to be first to fly please join us on the Mk I (60 km high) with our PIONEER program. If you want to go to outer space (above 103 km altitude, real astronaut) there is still some place left in our FOUNDER program (first 100 to above 100); and for the others we have our FUTURE ASTRONAUT program (101st and up to above 100 km). Join today please contact our Astronaut Relations Manager


Northern Light Flight, ICE hotel, Spaceport Sweden

From January 29 untill  the 1st of February you can experience another amazing event with SXC. 
We have arranged a special SXC-trip in cooperation with Spaceport Sweden. 
During this 4-day trip you will see the Northern Light in real life during a private Night Flight, you will sleep in the ICEHOTEL and enjoy drinks at the ICEBAR.
We have organized many more activities like the Snow Golf Experience, Snowmobile tours and Dog sledges tours.
Do you want to be part of this? Please contact Marlous Mens for more information and to make your reservation. 


The Passing of a Space Legend: Neil Armstrong

A great man who made history has passed away. Being the very first and one of the very few who has left Planet Earth and walked on our own Moon is something that was a fulfillment of dreams through the ages. That this has become a reality in our age shows how far we have come in making unbelievable dreams come true. The Apollo Mission was a great sign of the best qualities in man. Neil Armstrong proved to possess these qualities. He showed the way to space and all the benefits it already brings to mankind and all the promises that lay behind this conquest. Neil Armstrong inspired the world. We are proud to have met him and to have benefitted from his advice to us. We at SXC will always remember him as - for certain - a very long line of generations to come will keep on doing.


Dutch Artist Leentje Linders: Turning Aerospace Into Art

A The artist Leentje Linders has always been fascinated by aeronautics. She loves its history so much that she devoted her career to etching all aspects of it, in a very realistic way. Her work and passions is so eye catching that the Dutch Royal Navy has asked her to produce a series of art works for its headoffices. We are very happy that Leentje has been so kind to etch two space themed works of art for SXC’s Amsterdam headquarters. The etches are now proudly represented in our boardroom for us to look at every day. Her works of art are available for sale by request.