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This month we're taking a look at two easy ways to promote your app or brand: developing a micro site, and diving in to the world of social media with a Facebook & Twitter page.

Each gives you a presence online and are a must have for any app development project. Simply promoting the app through iTunes can work, but is more of an uphill battle and requires a lot of luck. For web projects, you'll want to make sure that social media is integrated with your site to help build your brand and your online presence.

Creating a micro site is really quite affordable and a great place to send cutomers, business partners, potential clients, friends, family, and investors to find out more information.

As always, i'm available at 410.982.6698 to discuss with you how to set these up.

John Rainey
VP of Business Development
o. 410.982.6698

Promoting your Mobile Application through a Micro Website

Mobile App Descriptions

Opportunity Drive is a mobile app designed to help traveling nurses, doctors, and medical practioners search various agencies for jobs and open positions. As part of their mobile marketing mix they wanted to create a micro website which showcases their app and gives users the ability to easily download their app to their iPhone of BlackBerry.

Find out How Opportunity Drive is Using a Micro Website as part of their mobile marketing mix

Where are you with Social Media?

Adding Video to your Website OverviewIn the past month it seems as though we have been talking with a lot of clients, and writing a lot of proposals surrounding social media. Building a Facebook page can really help to promote your brand, product, or company, but building it is only half of the equation. You need to make sure that you stay on top of it, and use it as a way to listen and communicate with your audience, not as just another way to disseminate information.

If you need help in building your Facebook page, or enhancing its functionality, give me a call and we can talk about how we can upgrade it's look and feel. You might be surprised at how much you can get out of your Facebook page on a limited budget

Our company is on Facebook - Check out our Page

Native Apps vs. Web Apps

Which is better to create, a Native Application or a Mobile Web Application? Each has their own benefits, one is better at branding while the other is more easily deployed across devices. I explored the various reasons to choose each option in a recent blog post.

Which option is right for your application?