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We are now over 3 years into the mobile smartphone revolution.  These days it’s not enough to just have a website to get your message, product or service out to your audience.  Consumers are increasingly looking at your website via a mobile browser on their smartphone or tablet.

Not only are they just browsing, but they are also transacting business.  The IT Director of a large sporting goods website recently told me that over 30% of purchases were being made from an iPhone or Android device.  Their website is not mobile optimized and they are getting plenty of complaints from consumers who are pinching and expanding the screen to complete the transaction.

Just imagine what that number might be if they offered a mobile version of the website.  A mobile website is tailored to fit the screen of a smartphone, optimizing the user experience in a way that makes it easy to get your message across.  Our new mobile optimized website was recently launched and is driving new customers to our business. 

We are even getting leads from our mobile website!  Don’t think you need an ecommerce site to justify a mobile optimized website, trust me, these days everyone is surfing the mobile web.

John Rainey
VP of Business Development
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Accella's Jason King Featured on MPT's "Your Money & Business"

Eight Minute Interview focuses on the state of the mobile market

MPT Interview

Earlier this month Accella's president, Jason King, took a trip to the Maryland Public Television studios to discuss mobile applications with Your Money & Business' Jeff Salkin.

The interview starts around 0:56 if you want to skip the intro.

When Developing a Mobile App, or Launching a New Site, Don't Forget the Importance of Testing

Just ask Google
Google Logo

Way back at the start of November there was a lot of press and fanfare surround the much anticipated launch of a Native GMail mobile app for the iPhone.

However, after only a few short hours, Gogle was forced to pull the app from iTunes as there was reportedly a "Bug" which caused some large issues with phone notifications.

Imagine a company as large as Google not doing enough testing of their app to find something that would appear rather simple to uncover. So make sure before you launch your app, website, or any updates, that you thoroughly test every aspect of your project.

How can a company like Google not do enough Testing?

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