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I upgraded my iPhone 4S from a 3GS two weeks ago and thought that I’d talk a little about the improvements that I’ve experienced so far.  FASTER, Faster, faster......the new 4S performs much quicker than the old 3GS in just about every category.  From downloading email and apps to using the photo and video features, the new 4S outperforms its older counter part by a country mile.

I also noticed that the connectivity improved greatly in geographic areas where I used to have many issues even though I haven't switched cell providers.  Case in point, I used to never be able to use text messaging while at the football game, but yesterday my 4S had no problems sending and receiving while at the stadium.

The battery life did not improve, in fact it seems to drain faster than the 3GS. But overall, the 4S seems to be a marked improvement.  Saving and downloading all of my old apps to the new phone and activating it out of the box was not as cumbersome as I expected, which was also nice.  Really the worst part of the whole change was that AT&T messed up the order so my wife’s phone did not arrive.  Which means she keeps stealing my new iPhone!

So with the new iOS5 out, when should you start developing apps for the new platform? We'll take a look at that today and some other interesting links to share.

Happy Halloween!

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Apple's iOS5

Now that it's out, when should you start developing apps for it?

Google Display AdvertisingWith the release of iOS5, there are many new features that are available to developers which can greatly reduce the time it takes to develop an app. While there may not have been much that changed on the user's side as compared to previous releases, our developers are jazzed over new time-saving features that are available with iOS5.

But, with many users still using older versions, when is it the right time to start developing on iOS5?

Thinking about SEO? Here are some Myths that Should DieHow Much Does it Cost to Build an App?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, should be a main focus of your web marketing strategy. Simply saying your site is optimized, washing your hands and walking away will not keep it optimized.

So in a world of ever changing SEO, what are some myths that should go away?

  • Meta Keywords, what do they do?
  • Sitemaps will boost Rankings
  • Click Through Rates help boost rankings

Now while this is a pretty good list, there are definitely some items on here that are highly contested, just take a look at the comments and you'll see.

Find out more about those and other myths that surround SEO

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