Lower Operational Costs with MCF PowerSaver® Dust Collectors, Short Courses For The Bulk Solids Handling Industries: Dust Control for Processes, VAC-U-MAX Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Now ATEX-Certified, and CONTROLLING DUST with Standard Industrie International.
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Dust Collection and Air Pollution Control
Lower Operational Costs with MCF PowerSaver® Dust Collectors
Save up to 50% in operational costs and extend bag life with the MCF PowerSaver® Dust Collector. An integrated blower produces medium pressure air during the cleaning cycle which eliminates the need for compressed air in the filter.
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Short Courses for the Bulk Solids Handling Industries: Dust Control for Processes
An exploration of the different methods for dust prevention, capture and extraction. Date: 6 March 2019 - Venue: Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology; Chatham Maritime, Kent UK. The course emphasises the practical aspects of technology.
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VAC-U-MAX Industrial Vacuum Cleaners Now ATEX-Certified
VAC-U-MAX proudly announces ATEX Certification for three of its compressed-air-powered (non-electrical) industrial vacuum cleaning systems for use in explosion-hazard environments. ATEX Certification requires a third-party review and full testing of VAC-U-MAX equipment, not just the design paperwork.
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CONTROLLING DUST with Standard Industrie International
Optimizing the production tools means reduction of atmospheric emissions, improved visibility, staff safety, reduced maintenance costs … here are a very few advantages of Standard Industrie’s solutions regarding the dust control.
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Dust Concentration Measurement with ProSens / Dosed-Reference-Method
A food manufacturer refines dairy products. The dust-laden exhaust air created during the manufacturing process is extracted by suction and cleaned by industrial filter systems. Continue reading »
Unique Multi-Channel Static Earthing System
The Earth-Rite MULTIPOINT II is Newson Gale’s solution to multichannel static ground monitoring for the hazardous area industries. Continue reading »
Dust Hound Cyclone Dust Collector: High Efficiency At Half the Size
Aerodyne Environmental, a manufacturer of industrial dust collectors and material handling valves, announced its Dust Hound Dust Collector. Continue reading » Releases 2018 Mid-Year Combustible Dust Incident Report
How many combustible dust fires and explosions happen every year? Along with generating lessons learned from near-misses and industrial incidents, answering this question is the main purpose of the Combustible Dust Incident Database. Continue reading »
Dust Detection to Help Mitigate the Risks of Dust Explosions
Where there is dust, there is the problem. Operators often have to rely on a visible dust cloud to give them information that something is wrong. What if there are no operators present? Continue reading »
Passive Explosion Protection for Mobile Dust Collection Applications
The huge range and breadth of chemicals, minerals and other materials involved in the business of contract “toll” processing led a major custom processor in the Northeastern USA to explore various Explosion Protection options with IEP Technologies with the aim of building maximum flexibility and safety into their processing plants and operations. Continue reading »
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Schenck Process Group
Schenck Process is a complete global source of highly accurate pneumatic conveying, mechanical conveying, sifting, grinding, blending, weighing and feeding systems for dry bulk solids with additional expertise in air filtration. A strong commitment to research and development has led to the creation of some of the industry’s most advanced products and technologies. Continue reading »
A worldwide leader in vacuum conveying, VAC-U-MAX specializes in the design and manufacture of pneumatic, aero-mechanical and flexible screw conveying systems and support equipment for conveying, weighing, and batching of over 10,000 various bulk materials for the food, pharmaceutical, nonwovens, chemical, and petrochemical industries. Continue reading »
The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology
The Wolfson Centre for Bulk Solids Handling Technology is part of the School of Engineering at The University of Greenwich at Medway, Kent, UK and has specialised in solving materials handling problems since 1973. Continue reading »
Standard Industrie International designs and manufactures equipment that facilitates the storage, the free flowing, conveying and cleaning of powdery and bulk products. Constant innovation is the motto of the company offering equipment to the latest technology and ever more efficient. Continue reading »
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