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May 4th - Last Tea of the Year!
The last Tea of the year will have some extra-special music and dance you will NOT want to miss. Please join us at 2PM for cakes and tea, and then stay for 30 minutes of music and dance and surprises. Every program is different, and every program is dear. Bring a friend.

Announcing a 4th Year for GVS.
I'm so pleased to tell you that GVS will start its 4th academic year on August 13, 2012.   What an accomplishment for all who have put so much into creating a place of learning for girls who might otherwise never have the chance to reach their potential in this country.

To celebrate our accomplishments I want to announce the kick off on May 1st of our first annual Spring Forward Fund initiative.  The Board has set a goal of raising $50,000 between May 1st and July 31st, so that we are more than prepared to welcome as many as 40 students next year.

I hope each and every member of our community will participate at the level that is comfortable for their family.  You can start today by clicking on the Donate button below.  Won't you be a part of the Spring Forward initiative?

Thank you for all you have done and all you do for our girls.


Betsy Eggers
Chair of the Board
The Global Village School

Two Peas
What's even more amazing than these two women with their right arms in a sling is that Carol (left) is Mary's mentor! Isn't that taking togetherness a bit too far? Mary took a tumble off a bicycle and Carol off Stone Mountain.  Don't worry, friends, they are both out of their slings now, and their injuries are healing well.

To learn more about our mentor program, email MIchelle Kuperman, the program director.

Thanks for reading, and stay in touch! You are always welcome to visit the school, and our Morning Circle at 9AM is a great time to meet the girls. Call about parking and just to be sure we are not on a field trip.
Volume II • Issue 4 • April 2012
Rita: a GVS Milestone
On March 30th, Rita (right) received her GED, a remarkable achievement for any English language learner, but especially when you've been in the US just over a year. Her success is inspiring Siang (left) and her other classmates.

When our Academic Director Kelley Provence recognized Rita's level of scholarship after she first applied, Kelley assembled a strong tutor team lead by Patrick O'Neill to give her the best support possible. But Rita did it all by herself, and the whole school celebrated with chocolate and cheers. Congratulations Rita!

A Summer Program
We've been hearing from many volunteers that you'd like to tutor this summer. True? It's a period all teachers love and dread - love for the much-deserved time off, but dread for the inevitable learning tail-off. This especially impacts English language learners. Right now we don't have a program planned, but if you are interested please send an email to Anne-Marie Sparrow.

Why Do You Do It?
Jonathan Jay, retired teacher and librarian says,"I tutor at GVS because I enjoy the energy and intelligence of these extraordinary young women.  All they need is a little help with English, a language I have spoken for many, many years.  I can give them that easily.  I enjoy every day I spend with them."

Summer Veggies
Time is short, but you can still sign up for a share of fabulous vegetables and support the Global Growers Network. Click here to sign up for 8 weeks of wonderful fresh vegetables and pick them up right in Decatur!

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