Our very first 'Product of the week' - Carhartt's B01 work trouser. Discounts and free gifts for all, Huzzah !!
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INDESTRUCTIBLE  Carhartt B01 work trouser challenge

This is first POW !

Every Monday from now on we are going to announce our Product Of the Week, before you say anything, yes, I know , literally it should be POTW , but that looked silly and was also  darned hard to pronounce, so POW it is.
We have a great candidate for our first POW – the Carhartt B01 work trouser , roll video please.......

Click on the picture below.....
Robyn and Elliott video for Carhartt's B01 work trouser
The B01 is made from 12 imperial ounces of ‘I like a lover with a ‘ firm hand , 100% ring spun cotton duck.

“Duck ??? “ – an alarmed reader cries.

No , no real ducks were harmed in the manufacture of these amazing trousers. The term ‘Cotton duck , comes from an old Dutch word doek, which means canvas. The B01’s are made from tough cotton canvas and are virtually indestructible.
They are stiff as a board out of the packet , but , like your favourite denim jeans, once washed they are incredibly comfortable.

Carhartt's B01 work trouser in Black     Carhartt B01 work trouser in grey Carhartt B01 - work trouser in brown
They have many , many fine features. Oh my stars the number of features that they have, why if I were to start listing all of their many, many features, why I'd.....

“WHAT ARE THEY ???” an increasingly frustrated reader shouts.

Jeez, calm down. I want to tell you of the special offer and then you can trundle on over to the product page and fill your boots with all the info ‘ you could ever possibly need about Carhartt work trousers.

This weeks offer .....
Buy the Carhartt B01 , enter the code POW#1 to get a 15% discount, you also get a BRIX tee shirt and a Brix beanie AND.......drum roll....IF you are not completely wait...if you are not INSANELY satisfied with the trouser after wearing them , if you wish to return them within 12 months we will give you your hard earned money back.

Euro paying infidels – CLICK Here here....back there ..the here highlighted in purpley blue....

UK Sterling ‘nation of shopkeepers’ - Click.........................................................HERE

That’s it....


Carhartt B01 Brown

Carhartt B01 Brown

Yes I know that this colour wouldn't be your first choice. When do you ever ask anyone 'What's your favourite colour ?' and they state "Brown !" , but, bear with me here, these Carhartt B01's wash and fade fantastically and become a lovely worn colour that you simplt can't get anywhere else. 
Carhartt B01's black

Carhartt B01 Black

This is the 'Model T' option. This is our best selling colour in the Carhartt B01 , it has been in teh Carhartt range since 1930, making it 82 years old. Now, for something to have been in their range for eighty years they have to be selling them somewhere....
carhartt B01 Gravel

Carhartt B01 Grey

They take their time in carhartt to get things right. They first produced the B01 in brown in 1923, they added black in 1930 and then when they were happy with the colour of grey, in 2011, they aded that too. YOu may think that it's excessive to take 89 years to decide on just the correct colour, but that's Carhartt for you. When they do it, they do it right.
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