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Legal marketing that doesn't suck

April 23, 2013
On Thursday, I will be heading to Las Vegas to tell Lawyernomics attendees why their legal marketing sucks. I will be talking mostly about blogging, because while I don't consider myself a marketing expert, I'm comfortable claiming some knowledge when it comes to blogging.

(Here are a couple of short previews and a post on what I'll be talking about.)

I am also comfortable observing that most of the things that suck about legal marketing apply to more than just blogging. Look how lame most law firm Facebook pages are. Or how uninteresting most lawyers are on Twitter. Our television ads and billboards are legendary for their awfulness (but occasionally amusing). You don't need to be a marketing expert to look at most lawyers' marketing efforts and come away with the impression wow, that sucks!

And I'm not even talking about Scott Greenfield's very accurate observation that there are plenty of lawyers out there pretending to be something they are not — often with slick websites, polished blogs, and branded Twitter accounts. (Although they mostly suck, too, and for additional reasons.)

My talk in Vegas is going to be a lot of fun (I hope), but if you have paid any attention to me over the years, you already know my advice: stop selling. Nobody likes to be sold to. Be interesting, informative, and considerate. The same skills that serve you well in a conversation with your friends over beer are the ones that will bring in business, whether you are having drinks at a bar function, blogging, or "wasting time" on Twitter. Stop worrying so much about SEO, "creating value," and ROI, and start saying and doing worthwhile things.

— Sam
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