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May 2011

Renewables Global Futures Report
Interview with Dr. Eric Martinot

"The future of renewable energy isn’t what it used to be": Dr. Eric Martinot explains the new REN21 Renewables Global Futures Report

Following the success of the “Renewables Global Status Report”, REN21 will be producing a sister report – the “Renewables Global Futures Report” (GFR) – by March 2012.
This new report will capture current thinking about the long-term (2020-2050) future of renewable energy. It will be based upon published scenarios, expert assessments, industry trends, government policy targets, urban energy plans, and visionary opinion. It will not offer one specific vision, but rather lay out the range of credible possibilities. Dr. Eric Martinot, who served as lead author of the Global Status Report from 2005-2009 and co-lead-author in 2010, recently expressed his vision of the new project.

REN21: Why a Global Futures Report?

Eric Martinot: Many people are starting to recognize that we are entering a major period of transition in our energy systems in the years and decades ahead. The transition will take us away from fossil-fuel combustion technologies like coal power plants and gasoline car engines, and towards renewables, stored energy, and innovation in electric utility systems. I think everyone is intrigued by this future, but it’s difficult to understand and discuss. There are now many good publications about the future of renewable energy, including many detailed scenarios and visions. But few people have time to read and digest hundreds or thousands of pages for a glimpse of the future. Media stories give only part of the picture and often show bias of one form or another. I want to give people better access to thinking about the future. I want to create a clear and concise synthesis of the best of our current thinking about the future of renewable energy – and show the range of credible possibilities. Am I biased? Yes, of course! I believe we can and should achieve a predominately renewable energy system in the long term. Still, I want to lay out the state of our current thinking as objectively as possible – including how that thinking has evolved over time.

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The Renewables Global Status Report (GSR), is a unique overview of the status of the renewable energy worldwide, covering markets, investment, industries, policies and rural renewable energy in developing countries. The 2010 GSR was released July 15 2010. Download 2010 GSR. The 2011 Global Status Report will be launched in June 2011.

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