The Center for Scholars & Storytellers, based out of UCLA, with an affiliate office in Toronto, offers research-based actionable insights to reach audiences ages 2-20.

Who are Gen-Z *? 

- Ages 6 -22 

- Diverse (48% non-White)

- Mobile (they spend 3 Hours a day watching mobile video)

-Urban (only 13% live in rural areas)

-Solo- parented (31%)

-Born in the USA (Hispanic Gen_Z's are twice as likely as Millenials to be US born)

*US only

Why Does Gen-Z Matter?

Neuroscientists have found that teenage brains are more cognitively flexible (able to adapt and change thinking more quickly). This may make the 61 million Gen-Zers more open to media messages about social change. 

What does Gen Z want to see?

-Newer social norms (35% personally know someone who prefers using gender neutral pronouns)

-Diversity (over 60% say racial and ethnic diversity is good for our country)

-Recognition of injustice (43% say Blacks are treated less fairly than Whites and over 60% approved of the NFL players kneeling)

-Global viewpoint (86% do not feel that the US is the BEST country in the world)

Isn't it time to harness the power of Gen-Z?

At CSS, our focus is on how stories IMPACT kids. We look for research-based insights to help storytellers craft effective solutions that address critical issues.

2019 Five Key Topic Areas

Mental health
Foster care
Gender roles for boys and men
Positive character development

Our new brand video, filmed at our first workshop held at UCLA, is now online. Look for more videos with research-based insights on our 2019 five key topic areas, which we will be shared by
Amy Poehler's Smart Girls!

For more research-based ideas on how to make impact with your content for youth across platforms, check out our story insights page and contact us for expertise on social science and child development.

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