Commissioner's Update from the Maine Department of Education.
May 19, 2011

We’re almost there!
The Legislature’s Education Committee is winding down its work this week, with final discussions on charter schools and other legislation set for Friday. The House and Senate will be working late for the next few weeks to pass a two-year budget and take final action on legislation. And next week I will make my next-to-last listening tour visit – this time to Washington County.
Things are racing to a crescendo here in Augusta, not to mention in your schools, where students, teachers and administrators are focused on a successful finish to the school year.

Soon we’ll have time to step back and focus. I’m looking forward to using the summer to review what we’ve heard from the field, from legislators, and from the public, then building consensus around a strategic plan to improve Maine education and the Department of Education.
For now, we take a deep breath and plunge in for the final lap.

— Stephen Bowen


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