Commissioner's Update from the Maine Department of Education.
June 30, 2011

We crammed a lot into our 100th annual Maine School Superintendents' Conference earlier this week.

The 175 people who attended were treated to six presentations about school transformation, an iPad demonstration from Apple, a talk about school bus refurbishment, and multiple visioning sessions.

It was hard work. But out of it came something we can use: The tenets of a vision for the education system we want to work toward in Maine. As I write in my blog this week, I left the superintendents' conference believing that the Department of Education and our superintendents can be productive partners in this work.

This is the last Commissioner's Update of the 2010-11 school year.

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— Stephen Bowen



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Yarmouth High School graduate Ben McNaboe speaks at the Maine School Superintendents' Conference.
Ben McNaboe, a recent graduate of Yarmouth High School, speaks about student laptop use at the school during the 2011 Maine School Superintendents' Conference. | More

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