We mentioned these incredible, no-strings offers before, but we don’t want you to miss out before they expire—a big free-trial bottle with only a small shipping charge.

These mass-makers are that good! And the company is offering free trials because they know you'll love them, build more muscle and be back for more…

1) Pro-X10 Probiotic. Without optimal good gut bacteria, you get nutrient “under-assimilation.” And that means your muscles aren’t refueling and recovering like they should to grow as fast as they could…

You can solve the problem and shift your body into hypertrophy warp speed—not to mention relieve gut bloating and room-clearing sharts—with Pro-X10.

It’s got a protective matrix that is research-tested to dramatically increase probiotic survival in the stomach and effectively deliver 10 TIMES more healthy probiotics to your gut than traditional, non-microencapsulated probiotic products!

Beyond that, the premium and patented ingredients in Pro-X10 have also been shown through research to:

**Significantly decrease the "bad" pathogenic, health-derailing, muscle-stifling bacteria in your gut
**Dramatically improve overall digestive health, gut-lining strength, AND immune health (your immunity needs to be optimal if you want to add muscle fast because your body’s first priority is health, not muscle size)
**Begin working ULTRA fast, with positive results seen in lab tests in as little as 5 short hours (while other traditional probiotics take weeks or months to improve your gut flora ratio, if ever)

Talk about research-backed results, not to mention off-the-chart muscle gains with renewed nutrient assimilation! Grab your free bottle HERE.

2) BioTrust LowCarb Protein. A recent study showed that slow-digesting protein right before bedtime wards off muscle breakdown as you sleep and can actually build more muscle tissue (Med Sci Sports Exerc. 44(8):1560-9. 2012). We like about 20 grams of this casein-whey protein array stirred into water right before bed.

It the very first protein to contain ProHydrolase, a specialized enzyme blend that has been shown through research to boost protein absorption 10-fold—great news for us old guys because most of us have a harder time assimilating standard protein. Other reasons we love this protein so much…

**It's made only with natural ingredients (no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives)

**It's made with certified hormone-free, grass-fed proteins (if a protein powder doesn't state it's hormone free on the label, it's not)

**It's sweetened naturally with stevia and naturally sweet form of prebiotic fiber called inulin (NO artificial sweeteners)

**It contains 4 grams of fiber per serving (and only 1 gram of naturally-occurring sugar!)

**It's built around a 4-protein time-released blend that fuels your body with quality nutrition and keeps you full for hours on end—24 grams of protein in two scoops.

**NO soy protein; NO gluten (many protein powders are secretly stuffed with gluten!)

**It's cold-processed to protect the quality of each protein, unlike common high-heat and acid processing practices that denature the protein as it's manufactured

And did we mention that it tastes incredible? You can get your FREE container of BioTrust Low Carb HERE.

Till next time, train hard—and smart—for BIG results.
—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson
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