First, we want to thank you for having confidence in our Anabolic After-40 program...

The After-40 Muscle-Size Manual workout is one of the best for packing on muscle if you’re in that age group, one reason being the testosterone boost. 

Low T is an epidemic for men in their 40s (it gets even worse for men in their 50s, 60s or 70s). Our T levels have been CRUSHED in recent decades by excess exposure to xenoestrogens, phytoestrogens, too much stress, and other emasculating aspects of modern life.

If you think we’re exaggerating, let's look at the FACTS...

Recent studies indicate that the testosterone level of the average male today is 25% less than it was in 1992 (comparing men of the same ages). Meanwhile, the average male estrogen level has increased an alarming 40% during the same time period. The studies also show that average male sperm counts are down 40% in that same time period.

Scary, right?

You probably already know some of the problems associated with low-T...

  *excess belly fat

  *excess chest fat (aka, man boobs)

  *a decreased desire for sex

  *erectile problems to varying degrees

  *less muscular strength and power

  *lack of energy

  *problems sleeping

  *and just an overall feeling that you are less of a man than you used to be (decreased manliness)

More alarming is the fact that low-T is downright DEADLY to men... A study published in the Endocrine Society of Toronto found that men with lower Testosterone levels had a 33% increased risk of dying than men with higher T levels.

And if you thought that a prescription for Testosterone replacement therapy was the answer, think again!  

Introducing an external source of a hormone like Testosterone tells your body to produce LESS natural testosterone, thereby harming your production of the all-important male hormone, and increasing estrogen levels through the breakdown of the external Testosterone prescription. This excess estrogen from the "fake" Testosterone prescription can eventually lead to "man boobs" in the same way that steroids can lead to man boobs in bodybuilders who abuse them.

So what is the REAL solution to the problem of low-T that millions of men over 40 are suffering from?

Well, one of our favorite Nutritionists recently teamed up with one of the top men's health researchers in the country, Dr. Richard Cohen, M.D., to uncover the TRUTH about boosting your Testosterone levels naturally, simply, and safely.

When you click HERE, you'll discover the 5 MAJOR mistakes you're making on a daily basis that are killing your testosterone levels, and the EXACT steps you can take to combat the problem and bring your T levels back to that of a 25-year-old.  

Yes, and that means you could have the sexual function, muscle mass, body fat %, and energy of a 25-year-old stallion — if you follow these T-boosting strategies to the "T".

> 5 Common mistakes KILLING your manhood + 14 steps to regain youthful T levels, energy, strength & stamina (plus be a stallion in the bedroom again!)

You'll be surprised to find that certain foods, exercises, spices, herbs, and even saturated fats can boost your T levels dramatically, making you feel 20 to 30 years younger. But it's very important to get all the details that you need to know about Testosterone from our trusted colleagues, because there are a ton of misconceptions out there that can steer you in the wrong direction.

Till next time, train hard—and smart—for BIG results.
—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson
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