Q: My gym always seems to be crowded—and people "camp out" on equipment. It's hard to work in because I'm using the 4X method and rest only 30 seconds between sets (I love the Positions-of-Flexion version). Should I just lengthen my rest times to work in on a piece of equipment?

A: If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. In other words, you can "camp out" on equipment too—sometimes you can do your entire POF 4X bodypart routine in one spot. For example…

For triceps, pitch your tent at the pushdown station and do these exercises 4X style

Midrange: Elbows-flared pushdowns
Stretch: Pushouts (Jonathan is pictured doing these below)
Contracted: Pushdowns (pin your elbows at your sides and stay upright)

Jonathan Lawson doing triceps pushouts - One-Station Mass Attacks (Improvise for Muscle Size)

That will take you less than 15 minutes. Once you understand Positions of Flexion, you should be able to improvise and construct more of these "one-station" full-range hits. Here's another…

Midrange: Dumbbell curls
Stretch: Incline curls
Contracted: Concentration curls

Do your dumbbell curls sitting up on the incline bench, or straddling it so no one gets on it (sit on it to rest). For lats…

Midrange: Pulldowns
Stretch: Undergrip pulldowns
Contracted: Stiff-arm pulldowns

So what if you have to work in with someone on a piece of equipment? Yes, you will have to extend your rests, but to make up for it, do rest/pause on the last two sets of your 4X sequence…

Do 10 reps, rest five seconds, then rep out. Rest as your partner does his or her set, then repeat for your last set—do as many reps as you can, rest five seconds, then rep out again.

So don't let a crowded gym ruin your workout. Improvise to keep packing on muscle size.

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Till next time, train hard—and smart—for BIG results.

—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

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