Q: I've been reading that testosterone is the key muscle-building hormone, so what is the best way to get it up?

A: "Get it up?" Perfect way to end your question about testosterone. LOL! Arthur Jones, the creator of Nautilus machines and the overseer of the Colorado Experiment that saw Casey Viator gain 60 pounds of muscle in only 4 weeks, always said that training legs hard can have a big "indirect muscle-building effect."

What that means is that you could train your legs hard and see size gains in other muscles, such as your arms—even if you didn't train arms directly. Interesting concept—and that could explain why 20-rep squat routines work so well to pack on muscle. You get an indirect muscle mass effect all over the body…

A colleague, former Iron Man author Randall Strossen, Ph.D., said he gained 30 pounds of muscle in six weekson such a program in his younger days. Another early bodybuilder named Joe C. Hise could not get past weighing 200 pounds. He adopted an abbreviated routine with basic exercises and the 20-rep squat and tipped the scale at 229 in ONE MONTH. (For more on how to do "breathing" 20-rep squats and the program, see Chapter 2: Anabolic Acceleration in Freak-Physique Stretch-Overload Workout—only $9 HERE.)

Home Gym power rack squats - Indirect Muscle Mass Effect: Boost Your T for Hypertrophy

The 20-rep squat routines have you do the key high-rep leg work, squats, up front in your workout, which can do amazing things for testosterone release and overall growth. Here's what Gabriel Wilson, Ph.D., and Jacob Wilson, Ph.D., said about the results of a study that showed impressive results along those lines—they had subjects train arms after training legs or training arms alone:

"As predicted, the arms trained with legs achieved an increase in the part of the biceps with the largest cross-sectional area—the biceps peak—while no changes occurred in the arms trained alone. The arms trained with legs also had greater relative improvement in biceps curl strength than the arms trained alone as well as other favorable muscle adaptations…. Studies suggest that training large bodyparts before smaller ones increases the smaller bodyparts’ growth; however, the opposite is not true—if you train legs after arms, you will see no benefits. In addition, coupling lower- and upper-body exercises increases muscle growth and testosterone receptors within skeletal muscles."

There are other ways you can significantly boost testosterone—-and residual muscle growth—as well. One researcher says you can get a significant T boost in 24 hours. For more information on those methods, go here…

--> 24-Hour Testosterone Transformation Protocol

Till next time, train hard—and smart—for BIG results.

—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

Build MASS with bodyweight training

One way you’re guaranteed to pack on stacks of muscle is through a process called muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which more than doubles 24 hours after an intense workout…

Until recently, MPS was only elevated when trainees would lift 70-90% of their one-rep max…

That's not only dangerous for your joints, but it also sets you up for high injury risk every time you exercise…

It used to be believed that training with your own bodyweight couldn't get you the same results as training with your 70-90% one rep max… Until NOW. 

--> How to build MASS with bodyweight training

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