One of Arnold's favorite mass-building methods was antagonist-muscle supersets—chest/midback, bi's/tri's, etc.

Alternating two opposing muscle groups can do good things for anabolic drive, muscle stimulation, and even fat-burning metabolism. The problem is, it's hard to superset in a crowded gym.

Well, here's one that uses one station, a low cable, so no running across the gym. We like using one side of a cable crossover….

You can use either a rope attachment or a short bar. The combo to grow is cable upright rows and bent-over cable lat rows…

The cable upright rows are simple. Pull from in front of your thighs up to your chest until your upper arms are perpendicular to our shoulders—don't allow your elbows to come up too high, or you can impinge your shoulder joint. Then hit the bent-over cable lat rows, like this…

Jonathan Lawson cable lat rows/rope rows - Try This Odd Mass Attack for Wide Delts and a Broad Back

So you blast delts first, then lats. Take a brief rest after the first superset, then hit it again. It works extremely well with the 4X mass method. Use your 15RM, but only do 10; rest 30 seconds, then hit both exercises again, and so on, going to failure on both moves on your fourth round.

You'll feel more massive with each round, as your delts pump up to cannonball proportions and your lats start stretching the seams of your T-shirt.

This is a great finisher for any upper-body workout—a nice way to walk out of the gym looking large and in charge.

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4X Mass Workout 2.0 cover

Till next time, train hard—and smart—for BIG results.

—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

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