Q: I remember reading in some of your previous e-mails that you talked about how some of the bodybuilders of the past added a lot of muscle fast, like 10 to 20 pounds in a month. Is high-rep leg work really that powerful? I'm wondering if I should try it.

A: You're referring to the 20-rep squat results that some of the early bodybuilders got. For example…

20-rep squats in gym - Make this single change to sky-rocket your gains

Old-schoolers Mark Berry and J.C. Hise each put on almost 30 POUNDS IN ONE MONTH with 20-Rep Squat programs. Amazing. And those gains were accomplished in the pre-steroid era.

Another notable example is Peary Rader, the founder of Iron Man magazine. He packed on an amazing 100 POUNDS in one year—almost all muscle—using an abbreviated 20-rep squat program.

Rader was a hardgainer and couldn't achieve muscle-building success with other programs. The 20-rep squat regimen was the answer for him. It transformed his physique…

Us? Well, Steve used 20-rep squats back in his early 20s and added a quick 10 pounds to his physique in six weeks. He would've gotten better results, but he was overtraining his other bodyparts at the time…

If you're a hardgainer, you must concentrate on the squat—trying to add a little weight at each workout while still getting 20. And minimize sets and exercises for your other bodyparts.

In the classic 20-rep squat program, you train that exercise twice a week, along with only a handful of other moves [see our Freak-Physique Stretch-Overload Workout e-book for a complete description and classic program].

However, we know a young bodybuilder who trained high-rep squats only ONCE a week, one set of 15-20 and another of 40-50 AFTER two heavier work sets. He credits those high-rep sets to his gain of 50 pounds of muscle in one year.

The bottom line is, yes, you should add some high-rep leg work to your workouts. The "metabolic squat" is one exercise guaranteed to pack on new muscle size.

NOTE: The 20-Rep Squat program, as well as many other excellent size-building routines, are described and outlined in The Freak-Physique Stretch-Overload e-book, now ONLY $9! Check it out HERE.

Till next time, train hard—and smart—for BIG results.

—Steve Holman and Jonathan Lawson

Build MASS with bodyweight training

One way you’re guaranteed to pack on stacks of muscle is through a process called muscle protein synthesis (MPS), which more than doubles 24 hours after an intense workout…

Until recently, MPS was only elevated when trainees would lift 70-90% of their one-rep max…

That's not only dangerous for your joints, but it also sets you up for high injury risk every time you exercise…

It used to be believed that training with your own bodyweight couldn't get you the same results as training with your 70-90% one rep max… Until NOW. 

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