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Energy Conservation = Saving Energy

There is a basic and appealing reason to use less energy - you save money. There are plenty of tips from easy to involved for saving energy. Here are a few you may already do and some that are new:

  • Turn off the lights when leaving a room. Don't leave unoccupied spaces lit.
  • Pull the curtains at night to retain heat that would escape through the window panes.
  • Open curtains, especially those on the South side, to take in passive solar (free heat) during the day.
  • Turn off computers, DVD players, gaming systems & unplug them or flip the switch on the power strip.
  • Appliances with indicator lights, digital clocks, and remotes all require power even when off. Unplug or turn off at power strip.
In addition to saving money you're benefiting the environment.  The more energy saved, means less energy is needed. In Minnesota, our primary source of electricity is from the burning of coal. Coal has some staggering impacts on the health of our planet.  Coal is mined which destroys habitats, ground soil and biological composition, contaminates water supplies, and releases methane (a greenhouse gas) into the air.  Carbon dioxide emissions are the result of transporting the coal to the plants in Minnesota. The coal fire plants emit gases and ash into the air. The bi-product gases are greenhouse gases and help to perpetuate Global Warming.  Ash bi-products contain arsenic and mercury which lead to ground water contamination.

So - if possible, save energy. Pad your pocket with a few extra dollars while helping to leave a healthier, happier place for future generations to live.

Here's a great video on energy conservation. Share with your family, friends and social connections.


World Water Day

What did you do for World Water Day on March 22, 2012?  World Water Day is intended to focus attention on our worldwide water supply.  Water is necessary to sustain life and serves a major role in food security.  (Food is also pretty important in sustaining life).  Water is used or affected throughout every step of the food process from production to consumption.  We've all heard about reducing our carbon footprint, what about reducing our water footprint?  Contemplate your daily water use and consider how you might make your own water use more efficient.  Share your ideas on our Facebook page

Learn more about the role of water in our lives at

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