The Real Heroes

Ted Rall: The real heroes of the Vietnam War were the tens of thousands of draft dodgers forced to give up their lives to flee to Canada and the many conscripted veterans who came home appalled by what they saw and did and spent the rest of their lives fighting for peace.
predator priests

Feedback Friday: Stopping Predator Priests

What the Pope needs to do is to come to some major city such as Chicago, set up shop and start calling in bishops, telling them to bring all their records with them.
trump lies everyday

Trump’s Lies vs. Truth's Defense

Walter G. Moss: By the end of July 2018, The Washington Post concluded that “President Trump has made 4229 false or misleading claims in 558 days;” or as CNN summarized it  an average of 7.6 mistruths a day.
trump nation

Trump Nation Goes Looney Tunes

Angela Harris: Even though it has long been revealed that the Emperor wears no clothes, the gaslit Trumpsters continue to see a living breathing manifestation of all they have been brainwashed or confirmed to believe in from the Right Wing Media Propaganda Cult.
truth is truth

Collusion: Truth IS Truth!

Ted Vaill: It is time to revisit the timeline which sets forth the development of the "collusion" allegations which might be brought forth by Special Counsel Mueller against the President of the Electoral College of the United States, Donald J. Trump.
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