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What Is Prison Abolition?
John Thompson: The prison-abolition movement is a loose collection of people and groups who, in many different ways, are calling for deep, structural reforms to how we handle and even think about crime in our country.

Biggest Jailer in the World: Los Angeles

Sharon Kyle: The vision is to equip the Civilian Oversight Commission with the power to subpoena records and to compel the testimony of deputies and their superiors accused of wrongdoing—hence the initiative.

Zero Tolerance for Zero Tolerance

Emily Yoffe: For a generation, American policymakers have been addicted to zero tolerance as a response to all social ills: crime, drugs, sexual violations — even misbehaving schoolchildren.
ground rules

Ground Rules

Jamelle Bouie: In the American racial imagination, “black” is a property of crime, and crime is a property of blackness. We see this in social science, and we see it in public discourse, where euphemism (“urban” and “Chicago”) hardly obscures the intended message.
suffrage movement

How the Suffrage Movement Betrayed Black Women

Brent Staples: It became clear after the Civil War that black and white women had different views of why the right to vote was essential.
night out for liberation

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