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How Immigration Activists Led by IM4HI Executive Director Rev. Deborah Lee Got ICE Out of a County Jail
David Bacon: ICE contended that forcing Contra Costa County to divest from cooperation in immigrant detention would harm the detainees — an argument similar to those heard during the fight for divestment from apartheid in South Africa.

Resources for Preachers: Preaching Jubilee to the Captives

For each of the 10 preaching texts given here — one a week for the next 10 weeks — we provide some of the biblical context first.

Replacing One Bad Bail System With Another

David Feige and Robin Steinberg: California’s new system fails to redress the larger systemic problems of which bail was a symptom — mass incarceration and structural racism.

With National Prison Strike Over: Prisoners Now Are Most in Danger

Heather Ann Thompson: It is when the headlines fade, and prisons once again slip from the public’s consciousness that prisoners are in the most jeopardy.

The Myth That Crime Rises as Prisons Shrink

Charis E. Kubrin and Bradley J. Bartos: California's dramatic reduction in its prison populations hasn't compromised public safety.
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