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trump radicalized ice

How Trump Radicalized ICE
Frank Foer: Although ICE played only a supporting role in the family-separation debacle—the task was performed principally by U.S. Customs and Border Protection—the agency has emerged as a shorthand for what critics say is wrong with Trump’s immigration agenda.
private prisons

Private Prison Industry, Explained

The federal government was phasing out private prisons until the Trump administration took office. Why the reversal?
ankle monitors

Ankle Monitors Are Just Another Kind of Jail

James Kilgore and Emmett Sanders: The monitors function as an additional punishment, extending a person’s sentence when they’re placed on a monitor as part of parole.
confederate memorial

South L.A.'s Confederate Memorial

Kevin Waite: Hollywood's Confederate memorial reminds us that the struggle over slavery was not confined to the American South. Here in Los Angeles, the Confederate rebellion found a welcome reception and a long afterlife.

Early California Lawmakers Also Preached #resistance — Against Immigration

Kevin Waite: Because a sufficient number of states accepted the 14th Amendment, California’s opposition was a symbolic act more than anything else.
juveniles in adult court

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