Left Coast Forum 2018:

Undoing the Legacy of Ferguson

At this year's Left Coast Forum, we'll examine the consequences of police violence in black and brown communities:
Black Lives STILL Matter…Especially When White-Supremacy Tells You That They Don’t” analyzes police violence as a public health issue.

"Centrality of Race" discusses the ways targeted populations have historically been marginalized, removed, contained, disappeared, and caged and the impact that has had on the progressive movement.

"Documenting and Working with Families Affected by Police Homicide" will explore how citizen journalism and grassroots public relations can foster change through empowering those on the frontline and engage local communities, ultimately serving as a catalyst for social revolution.

In "21st Century Police Terrorism in Era of Trumpism – Impacted Fathers’ Perspectives," the fathers, Uncles, and Cousin will share the solutions that can and should be utilized to stop the murder of children of color.

"Prison Abolition: Imagine and Do the Work" will examine what models exist that offer us a path forward as we imagine and work toward abolition while we attend to the needs of people that have experienced harm.

"Healing Through Resistance: Confronting the Crisis of State Sponsored Murder in the ERA of Trumpism" will discuss the obstacles faced by families who have lost loved ones to State sponsored violence. The participants will unveil the failures of legislation, Victim Rights Law, police reform, and police oversight policies.

"Community Control Over Police" will discuss solutions to police terrorism and concrete ways to hold police accountable.

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