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community outrage

Sustaining Righteous Community Outrage
Larry Aubry: Episodic outrage without substantial follow up action actually helps to perpetuate, not change barriers to social and economic justice.
jim crow legacy

Jim Crow’s Lasting Legacy

Jennifer Rae Taylor: Denying voting rights to people with felony convictions has roots in racist laws.
trump war on crime

Religious Origins of Trump's War on Crime

Emma Coleman: As the country’s participation in formalized religion decreases, the essential messages that churches convey about forgiveness and redemption are lost in favor of starker views of good and evil.
california values act

Protecting Immigrant Privacy with the California Values Act

Vasudha Talla: The California Values Act offers California the opportunity to advance important privacy protections that curtail the flow of sensitive personal information about immigrants that fuels mass deportation.
police militarization

Militarization of Police Does Not Reduce Crime

Tom Jacobs: It seems few people are enthused about having a pseudo-army patrolling their streets. And they assume a police force that can afford that kind of equipment doesn't need additional taxpayer dollars.

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