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Newsletter Vol. 2 (2012), Issue 3

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The Crooms AoIT Business Advisory Council is sponsoring the 1st Annual Sanford Riverwalk 5K to benefit Crooms AoIT athletics on October 6th at Ft. Mellon Park in Sanford. If you are interested in running, considering joining the Alumni Association's team. By registering to be a part of our team, you can show your Crooms spirit while also saving $1.20 compared to registering online on your own. Plus, when registering you also have the option to become a member of the Alumni Association, Inc. for only $5.00 – that's 50% off our lowest membership rate! You can see the benefits of joining on our membership page. Learn more or register to run at our 5K registration page

Founders Spotlight: Frank C. Bracco, Class of '06

Frank C. Bracco photoIf you were at Crooms Academy of Information Technology during 2002 to 2006 chances are you know Frank Bracco. You say you never had classes, participated in a club, or played sports with Bracco? Maybe you knew him as the ‘dork’ that recited, “Rich in Tradition, Pride, and Vision,” on the morning announcements. Or, maybe you bought a morning snack aftering seeing one of his stunts to help sell cookies and donuts each morning for a couple years to raise money for the cross country and track teams. Or, perhaps you attended a pep rally where he was the MC. Bracco was one of the more visible Croomies during his high school career, and now he is one of the more visible alumni pushing to build up the Crooms AoIT Alumni Association.
Continue reading the full interview with Frank
Check out the Q&A with Frank
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August is National Update your Crooms AoIT Alumni Profile Month

August is National Update your Crooms AoIT Alumni Profile Month! Okay, that is a bit of a stretch, but we would still like you to take the time to update your Alumni Association profile during August. Profiles are only available to registered users of the site. You can edit your user profile at your user profile page (it may say "Access Denied", but that just means you need to log in). Alternatively, you can log in to the website, click "Your Account" at the top-right of the page, click the "edit" tab, and then click the "User Profile" sub-tab. You can also update your username, e-mail address, password, or profile picture by updating your account settings. Alternatively, you can log in to the website, click "Your Account" at the top-right of the page, click the "edit" tab, and then click the "Account" sub-tab.

New Fiscal Year Means New Leadership at the Alumni Association

Each year at the Annual Meeting, the Alumni Association members vote for the two at-large Board of Director positions. And, each even-numbered year the Board of Directors gets to appoint a new Management Team to oversee the operations of the Alumni Association. The membership of the Alumni Association voted to re-appointment Christopher Lopez and Gaelan Adams (both Class of '07) to serve as at-large directors. And, the Board of Directors has appointed James "Brock" Mangus, Class of '07, to serve as President. The Board also appointed Matthew Carli, Class of '05, to serve as Vice President. And, finally, the Board re-appointed Frank C. Bracco, Class of '06, to serve as Secretary/Treasurer and Mallory Bose, Class of '07, to serve as Events Coordinator.
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Crooms Ranked in the Top 4% of High Schools Nationwide

Crooms AoIT  placed in the top 4% of high schools in the country according to US News and World Report. This also marks the fourth year that Crooms received a Silver Medal in the ranking's of the Best High Schools in America. Read the full story.

FCAT Results Being Released, Crooms AoIT Dominates!

Florida Comprehensive Assessment Test (FCAT) results are slowly being released and Crooms AoIT is again proving it is top in class for another year in a row. So far, Crooms AoIT students have outperformed their fellow Seminole County high schools peers to demonstrate that Crooms AoIT offers one of the strongest academic programs in one of best school districts in Florida. See how Crooms AoIT compares.
NAF Distinguished

Crooms Named a NAF Distinguished Academy for 2nd Year in a Row

Crooms AoIT has been designated as a National Academy Foundation (NAF) Distinguished Academy for a second year in a row, and is only one of eight academies nationwide to receive such an honor. Read the full story.

Crooms AoIT Staff Updates

Former Spanish teacher Mercedes Agramonte-Harper has been named Principal of Red Bug Elementary School.
Former Assistant Principal Dr. Mickey Reynolds has been named Principal of Winter Springs High School.
Crooms AoIT bookkeeper Peggy Leroy retired this summer after spending over 20 years with SCPS.
And, a late update, Crooms AoIT guidance secretary Kim York was promoted to Executive Assistant at the District Office.
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Nikko Ritter

Nikko Ritter: Why did I become a member of The Founders Society?

I felt I am in a position to be able to help, and I felt Crooms AoIT's biggest weakness has been it is underfunded, as are most educational institutions. Our school's population isn't necessarily the wealthiest, but we have continually been able to perform at a high caliber and have some of the greatest successes in one the best counties for education in Florida. So, finally being a position that allowed me to help address this weakness, I decided I would. - Read more about Nikko

Justin Bagley

Justin Bagley: Why did I become a member of The Founders Society?

My investment in The Founders Society allows someone else to reach their dreams, just as I have. Crooms AoIT has done so much for me that I thought joining The Founders Society is the least I could do. I have met some amazing people and made some life-long friends that I have kept in touch with because of my time at Crooms. Plus, the amazing faculty and staff made a big impact by investing their time and resources in us. - Read more about Justin

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2012-2013 Team

Management Team
James "Brock" Mangus '07
Vice President
Matthew Carli '05
Frank Bracco '06
Membership Coordinator
Events Coordinator
Mallory Bose '07
Marketing Coordinator

Board of Directors
Chairman: James "Brock" Mangus '07
Gaelan Adams '07
John Amirrezvani '06
Frank Bracco '06
Matthew Carli '05
Christopher Lopez '07
James "Brock" Mangus '07
Nikko Ritter '07
Michael Morgan '06 (Honorary)
Matthew Tucker '06 (Honorary)
Dr. Connie Collins (Ex-Officio)
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