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Issue 1 | July 23, 2012


Greetings, my Little Nomsters!

Since last fall, thousands of you have filled out the subscription form on my blog and waited patiently for me to get off my butt and put out a newsletter. Well, the wait is over! Starting with this issue, I'll be sending you digests of my blog posts, links to nom-worthy resources from around the Interwebs, reviews of fun kitchen toys, eye-opening culinary tips and tricks, and more. The Newsletter won't just re-hash the stuff on my blog -- I plan on feeding you plenty of goodies you won't find elsewhere. (But don't worry, I promise not to inundate your inbox!) So without further ado, here's the inaugural edition of the Nom Nom Paleo Newsletter. Dig in!




With each newsletter, I'm going to tackle a question or two that my readers post on my blog, on Facebook, or Twitter. So if you've got something you've been dying to ask (and I haven't already answered it in my FAQs), let me know!

Q: Do you guys ever say "screw it" and have pizza? - Jessica Kirby

A:! Before going Paleo, my husband and I were obsessed with pizza. No joke: We'd literally fly to other cities to hunt down a good slice. (Our favorite joints included Gialina and Pizzeria Delfina in San Francisco, Pizzeria Bianco in Phoenix, Di Fara Pizza in Brooklyn, Mozza in L.A., Pepe's in New Haven, and Serious Pie in Seattle.) The smell of pizza still tantalizes me, and we're by no means "Paleo perfectionists" -- but to be honest, we haven't had a bite of pizza in over two years. That's not to say we won't go off the Paleo reservation on occasion; we're firm believers in Whole9's Healthy/F-off Scale, which gives us the right to say "once in a blue moon, I'm going to eat this even though it's unhealthy 'cause I love it." It's just that when it comes to pizza, we know we wouldn't be able to restrain ourselves, and we'd be crazy-wrecked after a huge gluten bomb of a meal at a pizzeria. If pizza's your F-off food of choice, go ahead and enjoy it -- keeping in mind that gustatory offroading should ideally be kept to a minimum.

Q: How much time do you spend each day on your blog? - Lisa @SwissPaleo

A: On average, my husband and I each spend two to three hours per night on the blog. After the kiddos are tucked in bed, we flip open our laptops and spend the rest of the evening writing and editing. I know -- we're pathetic. (How do we find the time, you ask? We've stopped watching TV.)


If you missed reading about our culinary adventures in Seattle and Southern California, be sure to check out our Paleo(esque) meals at these joints:
Want to read more restaurant write-ups? Visit my Eating Out Paleo page!


Okay -- You've gone Paleo, and you've eliminated grains, legumes, added sugar, and dairy from your diet. You're even avoiding nightshades. But are some of your favorite everyday foods -- like apples, watermelon, even coconut milk -- still making you sick? You may be intolerant of FODMAPS -- Fermentable Oligosaccharides, Disaccharides, Monosaccharides And Polyols that can exacerbate symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Learn more about FODMAPS on Chris Kresser's site.

FeatURED REcipe!

An oldie-but-goodie: Sweet potato hash with fried eggs! If you’ve got a food processor, this sweet and savory plate o’ carbs can be in your craw in 10 minutes. With a few simple mods, you can transform this side dish into a fast, complete meal: top it with a couple of fried eggs for breakfast or mix in some cooked meat (or bacon!) for a hearty supper.

Click here for the recipe!


I was recently a guest on the Balanced Bites Podcast, where I spouted off on a number of topics, including how (and what) my kids eat, my current take on sous vide cooking, and my iPad app. I answered a bunch of readers' questions, too, so if you've never heard my squeaky voice before, head on over to Balanced Bites and download the episode. It's a whopping 90 minutes of fun banter with one of my favorite Paleo gals, Diane Sanfilippo! (And don't forget to pre-order her amazing book!)


Box graters are fine, but if you're serious about cooking, you need to get yourself a Microplane grater
Originally designed for use by woodworkers (read about it here), Microplanes have since been adopted by creative home cooks who use them to finely zest citrus and grate ginger. The tiny, sharp teeth of the microplane shave food into tiny ribbons, thereby increasing the surface area of the food and intensifying the flavors that hit your tongue.
Besides, a Microplane grater'll make you look like a super-cool kitchen ninja.


Got kids? And do you feed them? Then go download a copy of the new Paleo Parenting Guide by the Paleo Parents, authors of Eat Like a Dinosaur. It's free!


Here's some inspiration to trigger some perspiration:
And for more tasty reads about fitness, go visit Fitbomb!


Cold-brewed coffee has long been a favorite of my hubby's, and Serious Eats shows us the best way to prepare it. (And no, you don't just stick your hot coffee in the fridge...)


Many of you have already downloaded the Nom Nom Paleo cookbook app for the iPad®, but did you know that you can treat your friends and family to the app, too?

Just click here to buy my iPad app as a gift for your pally-pals, or hit the button below.

Gift This App!

For less than the cost of a fast food lunch, you can help your loved ones get started on the path to good, clean eats! (Just make sure they have an iPad!)


The 2012 Orange County Fair features Deep-Fried Trix and other atrocities, but the Caveman Club (bacon-wrapped turkey leg) looks mighty fine. Time for another road trip...?
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Issue No. 1 | July 23, 2012