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Survivor Gamez III
Join us in Ventrilo, watch DayZ Survivor Gamez together

The finals of Survivor Gamez will be playing live tonight and we are planning to watch the match together in Ventrilo.  Survivor Gamez is a Hunger Games (also, Battle Royale) style last man standing competition played out in DayZ between a selection of YouTube celebrities, including some of the mod's best known players (e.g. Sacriel & Oshi).

Saturday, 25th of May - Ventrilo (Live, Competitive DayZ Match)
BST:  21:00 Commentary, 22:30 Match begins
CET:  22:00 Commentary, 23:30 Match begins

The match is being played out on Namalsk, which just so happens to be the 3rd map featured in this "Chernarus Expats" DayZ video which features several of your fellow SPIDERs.  A really helpful multi-stream viewer which was incredibly useful last time is also available to help watch the match.  So, crack open a can, sit back, and prepare to root for your favourite survivor.


Zimtok5 (Brad)
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