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Hardcore Servers
No More Room In Hell

Thanks to a bit of leftover credit in our old Ventrilo server pot, I was able to rent a couple of servers for NMRIH which will last a few months.  They're proving quite popular, but if you're into the game and like hardcore settings, these will be right up your alley.

HARDCORE | SpiderGaming.org | REALISM + FF ON | #1

HARDCORE | SpiderGaming.org | REALISM + FF ON | #2

Note: SPIDERs get top priority on these servers, so if the server is full and you see me on Mumble, just ask and I'll boot the last server joiner to make room for you.  There is always more room in hell as far as our dedicated NMRIH servers are concerned.

What is NMRIH?  Well, those who enjoy multiplayer zombie apocalypse survival games will be interested in 'No More Room In Hell'.  The free mod out since Halloween on Steam is a standalone, 8-player mod which can be best described as the love child of it's survival genre predecessors Left 4 Dead and DayZ.  It packs slow, persistent zombies and even features eerily powerful zombie children.


Zimtok5 (Brad)
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