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Community Meeting
Calling all SPIDERs, new and old ...you too, Markuss!

Guys & gals,

It's about time we got back together and allowed some of the newer members to meet the older (and wiser, and more beautiful, and and and totally buff muscle-machine) members of SPIDER.

In years past, we would normally have done this kind of thing at 19:00 GMT / 20:00 CET and I'm thinking this coming Saturday looks just right, on April 11th.  The basic idea is just to get everyone onto Mumble and I'll say a few bits and come up with some round table questions so everyone gets a chance to talk and introduce themselves if they're new.  This normally takes us 30-60 mins together.

Saturday, 11th of April - Community Meeting
19:00 BST  /  20:00 CET  /  2 PM EST  /  11 AM PDT  /  Countdown timer

We can split off and do games afterwards.  e.g. BlazeRush, TF2, whatever we're feeling.  Also, in recognising this is relatively short notice, don't feel bad if you've already made plans.  We can do this again later in the year if people are keen on it.

Speak soon, SPIDERs!


Zimtok5 (Brad)
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