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Battlefield 1
Open Beta

To those out there enjoying a bit of gunplay in their downtime, I'd just like to alert you that DICE have opened up the beta of Battlefield 1 to players, so if you were waiting for something to jump in and play together, tonight might just be the night.  From early reports, it's worth the time and with level destruction back, it already brings back fond memories from Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Wednesday, 31st of August - Battlefield 1 (Open Beta)
18:00 UK onwards

To get the game, just download and install Origin (or click the image below) and you'll see the option presented to you there.  The game is about 7 GB in size, so you might need a little bit of time before you can join into the fun.  Also, for those who've lost it, we still have the SPIDER website running over at SpiderGaming.org with the Mumble details.

Anyone feel like a reunion?


Zimtok5 (Brad)
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