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Ventrilo to Mumble Migration

Following a recent change of audio codec, Mumble has finally taken top notch over Ventrilo in terms of voice chat software for gamers.  In keeping with the times and for the reasons highlighted below, we have opted to swing over from Ventrilo to Mumble and will shortly retire our Ventrilo server.  To get set up, head over to the Mumble page to download the latest client.  Configuration will take you 5-10 minutes to complete.

Mumble Server
Host: spider.mumble.com
Port: 8522

Why We've Switched: The Benefits
  • Player voice level normalisation (auto-adjusts volume)
  • Simpler and readily customisable user interface
    "Are you not supposed to rub it all over your face during the night?" - Lund
  • JSON feed available (i.e. website integration is possible and we can re-use most of Emrayla's 'Vent viewer')
  • Latency cut by approx. 1 second compared to Ventrilo
    "We all felt difference in ping Mumble vs Vent, its way better." - ha11oga11o
  • Reduced upkeep cost** for voice chat server
  • In-game overlay shows which players are speaking
    "Overlay is great, will be of great help when we play with new players." - CrazyRhino
  • Directional audio in some games (eliminates need to ask 'Where are you?', giving SPIDER a tactical advantage)
  • Avatars for players which flow into the in-game overlay, making recognizing other players easier and more natural

**Finally, a big thank you to Wo3dy for offering up his lifetime subscription Mumble server to the cause as the new home for SPIDER.  In fact, Wo3dy has spent part of the last 2 years working to demonstrate the benefits of Mumble to me, so my sincere thanks to him for reminding me to give it another trial run last week, as it has become the clear winner over the competition in 2013.  Please extend your appreciation to Wo3dy the next time you speak with him, as it's a big contribution he has made for the benefit of the community.

I hope you enjoy the transition to Mumble and continue to have great times gaming with SPIDER.  We look forward to seeing you online soon!


Zimtok5 (Brad)
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