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Q3 Community Meeting
15 September 2012

A friendly reminder that our third community meeting of the year is happening tonight.  There is plenty to be excited about; with the go-live of our new community forum* and a round of Quake Live planned for after the meet-up.  Also, to give you a bit of time to think of an answer, here is the round table question for tonight.

Saturday, 15th of September - Tonight!
14:00 EST
19:00 UK time
20:00 CET

"What is your all-time favourite tool or weapon in a PC game?"

Meanwhile, here are a few of our older YouTube videos to hold you over until the meeting kicks off.

"Old Games Eve" in Counter-Strike: Source

Myzifer's Zombie Pig Apocalypse

"Tracer Dart Dude" in Battlefield: Bad Company 2

*Note:  Forum self-registration is permitted starting from 19:00 UK time tonight.  Accounts created earlier than this will be removed.  Who will win 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place during our "registration Olympics"?  Go for the gold and find out tonight!


Zimtok5 (Brad)
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