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New Community Forum

My fellow SPIDERs, as announced at yesterday's community meeting, please be aware that we have just migrated from the old forum to a brand new, ad-free community forum. 

You need to register at the new site to be able to see topics from other members, but it's easy to self-register by visiting the URL listed below.  As an additional enticement to go sign up now, there is a new thread on this forum with pictures of me and other SPIDERs.  Yes, after nearly two years of running this fantastic community, the man behind the mask is finally showing you what he looks like.  Just look out for the "This is Me" post on the new forum.

Saturday, 22nd of September - Old Forum Freeze
The old forum will be put into 'Read Only' mode on this date.

As for the old forum, well, it's getting put to rest after a solid 2+ years of service.  Next Saturday (22-Sep), I will be putting those boards into "Read Only" mode and have updated SpiderGaming.org so a link to the old forum is kept safe for future reference.  To jump to the new forum, just click on the image below.



Zimtok5 (Brad)
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