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Green Media Creations (GMC) Reaches across the Atlantic

By Armando Salas


Tere! Don't ever say what you do at home doesn't affect others around the world. I had no idea my travels to Estonia last year would communicate the message of water conservation. That was not my intent. I traveled to relax. Some may remember I wrote about water conservation in Estonia in the November 2011 issue of this newsletter. I talked about how Estonians were not so much concerned about water conservation as they were about water quality. But what struck me as most interesting was their appreciation for water in general.

As it turns out, I met two young college students who were fascinated with film and video production. Because they knew I was visiting from Los Angeles, they were naturally curious about the famed Hollywood and all its exploits. I didn't have many stories since I don't live next to a movie star as foreigners think Angelinos do.

But, since I was also an admirer of the visual arts and I had just started GMC, we started talking about video production. Before the trip had ended we hammered out an arrangement where we would produce videos on both sides of the Atlantic and share them with our respective part of the world. Now, people on both sides of the ocean will be able to learn about water conservation and other environmental issues that are common in our lives, even though we are worlds apart.

Both Rauno Schmeimann and Taavi Kohjus are students at local universities. Rauno, the director of the two, is studying Fire Rescue and Safety, while Taavi, the editor, is studying Computer Science. They fell into video production while in high school. They were teamed up and had to complete an arts project. Both are excellent in their respective roles as videographers. Both learned by doing and by watching do-it-yourself videos on YouTube and other video outlets. So, now the medium which allowed them to learn about video production is now allowing them to teach others about water conservation.

Meeting the two young men has opened up a whole new market for GMC. Now our work can be presented to environmental groups in Europe as opposed to just the United States. Even though both sides of the ocean share the common theme of water conservation, there are some differences in how we present that message. Sharing information and getting to know each other's approach to teaching the masses can only enhance our skills in communicating back home.

Now there are talks about producing environmental films and other environmental projects. We shall see where this leads. You can see some of the collaborative efforts on the GMC website. Estonia is a country in the Baltics. It is south of Finland and west of Russia. Tere means hello in Estonian.

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