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Fall Schedule

By Armando Salas


Just when you thought you couldn't handle it anymore, it's finally time to send your children back to school. Hooray! Seriously now, the fall brings with it many changes to our schedule. Sending the kids back to school is just one of them. Below are some other tips that might help you conserve more water.


Children these days have all been taught to turn off the water while brushing their teeth. But it's easy to forget and turn back to the old ways. Remind your children that they can conserve water by following that easy rule.


When dealing with the morning rush hour in the bathroom, remind your children to limit their showers to 5 minutes. If you really want to conserve water have them turn the water off while lathering, then turn the water back on to rinse.


Remind your children never to use the toilet as a trashcan. Children waste a lot of water when they flush trash away. Click here and view the short video titled: "A Bad Lesson" to show them about not using the toilet as a trash can.


Now that the summer heat is almost over, check your sprinkler timer and review your watering schedule for your landscape. By all means always follow your local water company's watering guidelines but also remember that this is the time to change your clock so you water less.


Since you are changing your sprinkler timer, now is a good time to check to make sure your low-flow showerheads and aerators are properly installed on your indoor water using fixtures.

September's Plant Douglas Iris - Iris douglasiana

Douglas Iris is a perennial that is a vigorous growing plant. It is found through out our coastlines. The more inland varieties tend to hybridize with other iris types. It forms as wide clumps of arching, evergreen leaves. In spring, the flowers range from deep royal purple to the palest baby blue but all have a dramatic pale yellow blotch towards the throat with dark purple 'whisker' streaks radiating from the throat to the falls. It is best to plant in full sun to light shade on the coast and light shade inland with occasional water.



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