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Is it harvest time already?

By Brian O'Neill


Last month, I talked about planning out where to put my plants and then I mentioned moving my plants into my newly-built raised bed. My radishes had already started plumping up, and my peas were attaching themselves to the trellis. This month, my plants have made some incredible progress!

My radishes have all grown to their expected size by now, and the peas are about half way up their trellis already! A few of the pea plants have even started flowering, and I can see a little pea pod forming. I have already started my drip system, and have just about finished it aside from a small snafu. My drip system has a different "station" for each row of plants to facilitate proper watering. I can now water each row of plants individually and give each plant variety it's optimal amount of water.

The lettuce seeds have already sprouted as well, and they are about 2 inches tall. I picked one of the sprouts and tasted it-it tasted a bit nutty, but very good! Just this past weekend, I pulled a few of them out and made a few new rows to allow the plants more room to grow.

My plants are in the ground, my drip system is up and running, and now I just need to wait until the rest of my garden is ready to be picked!


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