Click the picture for a video that really captures what you DON'T want to do for Valentine's Day.  If you need to give your loved one a pointed hint about what not to do, forward this email to them and tell them to watch this video.

Plus it's just hilarious.

A smiling face to help guide you through the perils of Valentine's Day gift giving.

Leslie Forrester, massage therapist and rescuer of your holiday shopping.

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I know, I know... I already sent this.  But it's TOO funny not to make sure everyone gets a second chance to see it.  So if you DID open it the first time and you DID watch the video.... well, you know what most everyone else missed.  And if you opened it the first time but DIDN'T watch the video?  You have a second chance for a belly laugh.  Plus a reminder that there's still time to get gift cards and even appointments for next week!  Call me at 813-735-2476 and I'll get you on the book before all the openings are gone.

Valentine's Day.... less than a week away.  Is panic starting to set in?  Not knowing what to do for a gift can be STRESSFUL.  I'm here to help.  I have some hints for you.

Not getting her anything is a bad idea.
Spending TOO much is a bad idea.
If you get her chocolates, she might think you are either trying to sabotage whatever eating plan she is on or that you want to eat them yourself (which may be true).
If you get her a bouquet of roses or other cut flowers, sometimes watching them wilt can seem like a sad, sad metaphor.  
She WILL tell her female friends what you got her, and you WILL be judged accordingly.

Now that I've broken every bit of the female code of Valentine's honor, I have a real suggestion for you.  If you get her a gift card for a massage, you very well be the best husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/significant other in the office.  Massage feels good, has no calories, makes a long lasting effect on stress and physical aches and pains.  Plus there is absolutely no chance that she will think you got it for her because you actually wanted to use it.  

There are a few options.

Just looking for an hour session?  $55 for relaxation massage, $65 for the signature therapeutic massage.  Or you could bump it up to an hour and a half for $85.

Got a little kiddo at home?  Want to give a stay-at-home mom a FANTASTIC break?  Try the Mom's Massage package.  It comes with an hour of massage and up to 2 hours of child care included.  More details available on the website, but it's only $75.  The childcare is provided offsite at BFF Kidz...

Feel the need for a little something sweet?  Does she like strawberries?  The Gift Card & Strawberries combo comes with an hour of massage and chocolate covered strawberries handcrafted by yours truly.  $75

So give me a call at 813-735-2476 to arrange a Valentine's Day that will win her heart.
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