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Shot Toyota
TV Commercial

Just booked new
Eric Roberts Feature

Called back by
James Franco
for a lead in his
upcoming film

Pinned for
'Raising Hope'

Pinned for lead in
AFI Thesis Film

Kia Radio spots

Revoiced lead in
new feature film (NDA)

Multiple (NDA)
Video Games recorded

& Starring in
most watched show


Theatrical Manager




VO Agent




Commercial Agent



Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Before we wade even deeper into this rich "almost new" year that seems to be unfolding as we blink,  I wanted to reach out to you all, near and far, and wish you a deeply rich, fulfilling and gorgeous year ahead.

Within all the everyday craziness of this unpredictable life here in LaLa-land, I never cease to marvel at how unbelievably lucky I am to get to spend my life doing what I love to do. And, to be interacting with such inspiring, fascinating, and talented people  every single day.  

And more and more, I just wonder at the interconnectedness of this little world and this rich, undeniable sense that we are all somehow in it together.  I don't think I could be doing all that I'm doing without the endless support, care, inspiration and camaraderie shared along this loopy ride, even in the most subtle of ways, from any given number of you at every turn.  

So I wanted to say thank you and shine back my support, enthusiasm and care to all of you here.  

Warm regards,

                ~ Karen

~ Introducing ~

My new Website!
(it still has that new car smell)

Feel free to visit and poke around...


*PS*: my website was created by the amazing, invaluable Ayn Olivia Vaughan.  I highly recommend her services, be it for websites, for your upcoming taxes, office organization or organizing life.  This gal is simply a gift and can make any stubborn case of overwhelm vanish in a twinkling of an eye.


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