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Crayon on paper.
  Georgie Flood
Born in 1985


This young this young London-based artist irritates me. In 2010, at the FID, she presented drawings made after stills from film noir classics. Smart girl! She was almost shockingly successful: several sales, two nominations (jury and public prizes), and five drawings snapped up by the director of Aude Lamorelle Fine Art, who immediately went off and sold them on her own stand, at a much higher price than at the FID.
The drawing shown here is irritating, too, just like its maker. Why? Because it is effective, intelligent and manipulative. Georgie knows how to make the most of her technical skill, and to instant effect. Pushing the limits, she introduces into her false (real) drawings a (false) camera whose (false) flash is reflected in the (non-existent) glass protecting the framed drawing that she is in the process of drawing, in spite of the fact that it is already hanging on the wall.
So, to sum up: Georgie Flood draws a pre-existing drawing using a non-existent camera which is in fact her drawing hand. Did you all get that? No one needs to reread? Perfect.
Now perhaps you understand why I find this very gifted young woman so irritating, and why I like what she does so very much.

Serghei Litvin

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