Kickstarter is over, What's Next?
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All Art is Metaphor
February 14, 2014

The Feedback Fractal Project

The Feedback Fractal Project intends to build a Monumental paper sculpture through the process of "Distributed Art Production." Work began in February of 2012 and continues today. In order to begin to obtain funding for the project, it was decided to mount a crowdfunding effort through, here is a link.

Kickstarter Is Over, What's Next ?

by Cortellini

Our Kickstarter funding effort began on December 15, 2013 and, as I am writing this note, will end in 22 hours. I want to first express my gratitude to the 34 people who pledged and the five people who applied to be Artisans – one of which connected with us from Israel. Thank you and welcome to our community. A list of contributors and volunteers follows.

Beyond the direct connection through Kickstarter, we are working with a local primary school math teacher who has expressed an interest in making a Section as a class project as part of the geometry lesson. Also we are in communication with an agency director in Alaska who would like to take on a portion as a community project.

In support of our Kickstarter effort, we have produced marketing tools and expanded our social media reach and capability. We have been contacted by no fewer than six crowd funding specialists and one TV station that would like to discuss how they may be able to assist us in our next fundraising effort. We have had several large corporate interests following our tweets. This is not the end but only the beginning – 2014 will be the year of Hopeful Perseverance.

It would have been great to have reached our Kickstarter goal. Up to now, we have made the tools and printed needed patterns on our personal equipment. The printing for Trial One – enough to assemble 16 Modules - was done as a test by Printing Partners of Indianapolis. The finished piece will require printing for 3,072 Modules. Reaching our goal would have provided the resources to move ahead with a commercial printing contract for this work. Never-the-less we will press on.

Here is the agenda for moving forward in 2014:
  • Update website and promotional material
  • Investigate new funding resources and plan next campaign
  • Promote press exposure and cultivate contacts
  • Print and assemble the 16 Modules of Section 1-2
If you would like to assist in any of these endeavors, please get in touch.
Finally I would like to express my gratitude to all the people we contacted regarding this project who listened to our story and wished us well. Thank you.


Trial One:
Hugh Scott, Indianapolis * Bob Masbaum, Indianapolis * Roz & Paul Cortellini, Chicago * Ashley & Tristan Scott, Indianapolis * Wendy & Lloyd Lyons, Indianapolis * Chris Cortellini, Chicago * Scott Williams, Indianapolis * Lori Ludwig, Indianapolis * Kyri & Daniel Schaffer, Chicago * Lindsey Paxton, Indianapolis * Margaret Modic, Indianapolis.

Artisans Applicants:
Stephanie D Bruce, Indianapolis * Jackson Davis, Beech Grove * Andrea Eggert, Indianapolis * Terri Procopio, Indianapolis * Danielle Reindl, Indianapolis * Dan Gorlitsky, Israel

Scott, unavailable * Stephen Martin, Crown Point, IN * Sue Wagman, Indianapolis * Chris Cortellini, Chicago * Patrick Cake, unavailable * Paul Franco, Makawao, HI * Gerry Cardinal III, San Francisco * Dan Gorlitshy, Israel * Gordon Bright, Elwood, IN * Amanda Zimmerman, unavailable * Doug Cortellini, Detroit * Kevin Ohlsson, Västerås, Sweden * Brian Nichols, Indianapolis * Amarok, Pittsburg * William Brown, Bloomington, IN * Shannon Callahan, London, UK * Robert Schroeder, unavailable * Kevin, unavailable * Silvia Spence, Indianapolis * Domenic Angelicchio, Indianapolis * William Scott, Indianapolis * G.H., Liberty, MO * Joyce E. Yost, Windfall, IN * Sherry Watkins, Indianapolis * Nicholas P Cortellini, Chicago * Wendy A Lyons, Indianapolis * Charles Goad, Indianapolis * Hugh Scott, Indianapolis * Chris Scales, unavailable * Josh Littlejohn, Indianapolis * Michael Kelly, Indianapolis * Patricia Applequist, San Jose * Michael Cloran, Indianapolis * Nora Spitznogle, Indianapolis * Paul Cortellini, Chicago
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