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The other day my doorbell rang and I almost didn’t answer it. Lately there are all kinds of people living in this building, and they seem to know that I’m one of the few people here during the daytime, so they ring my doorbell to get in. I was in the front of the house, a full apartment away from the buzzer in the kitchen and I responded with scepticism at first. But I relented and buzzed them in anyway. I opened my door and shouted with authority down to the ground floor.

“Who is it?”
I heard a mumble

“$%&*&^%$” and then heard a thump.

I ran downstairs and there they were; a large cardboard box with my new CD in it. I dragged it upstairs and opened to see, to my absolute delight they were exactly the way I pictured them. Vermillion in Dublin have done a beautiful job on the cover, it looks as good as the sound Roman Klun got in that church.
On Saturday night I played the entire album live for a select audience in my apartment, the place was jammed, and I believe it was clear that there’s something about this album that affected all that were there.
If you visit my site HERE, you can listen to 90 second clips of each track to give you an idea what it sounds like. It dawns on me that there are still a lot of people on this mailing list that didn’t pledge, and might just simply want to buy the CD.  And if I could convince you to buy it from me, it would give the album a great beginning and help provide me with a budget to promote it.  You can buy it on my website HERE. And, don't forget, there'll be a launch gig on March 12th - details HERE.
Love to you from the noisy city - by the way this may be my first real New York album, where I write about living here. And fittingly recorded it in a church, with my Irish childhood influences intact. 

Pierce x
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