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The world is gone mad, lunatics from the right are selling snake oil to the desperate, who - hoping for a quick cure - are buying their rubbish. Politicians are not entertainers, they are boring administrators, Hillary might be boring, but she knows how to do the job better than Trump, and it’s just a job. He has no idea what he is stirring up, or how to do this job, be careful everyone, please.

Had a great house party last night up in Dublin. We were fine once we got over being lost coming out of Wexford. We had directions intact on how to find the place alright, but we didn’t bring the actual house number. Brian - whose house it was - is not mad about answering the phone, so I had to guess which house it was. I decided that it must be the one with the car parked outside that was filled with Peroni beer cases. And it was.

“You have to bring an oul violin wit ye, all yer songs have a bit of a tune on de vile-lin”

“OK Brian, that’s fine with me, I’ll give Larissa O’Grady a call and see if she’s available”

Larissa plays with the National Symphony Orchestra, we’ve played together before, some of you may also know her sister Eimear O’Grady (now married to Declan O’Rourke) - she played cello with me for years, all you fellas used to come just to ogle her.

My friend Mike Raftery came with me to give me a hand and he brought his small PA with him, small and powerful, we could have blown the walls down. We were there for about a half hour before Larissa, and when she arrived I sat at the small upright piano so that she could tune to it. The song was in A, and she seemed in another key. She thought I was kidding, I thought she was kidding, and then we realised that the piano was a whole tone flat, she was in A and I was in G. I dropped a lot of piano tunes from the set.

It was a house full of barristers, Brian is a barrister too! Singing, dancing barristers! They have about 4 dogs! Brian needed to have a fag on the go the whole time, so he stood at the farthest reach of the room by the back door with his cigarette hand outside, singing every word with a voice like a detached trailer being dragged along bare cement. He was powerful though and made words like “my father’s hand upon my back, the nicotine stained index finger, big and rough, but love, can’t always be articulate” sound twice as profound by joining up with me. Then at the end when the whole place was up dancing like mad, we were singing “Animal” and the dogs started barking along, a perfect ending. It was a great night of total madness, only to be achieved at a house gig.

Yesterday, there was an article in the Irish Times about “Love Can't Always Be Articulate” - you'll find it here.

The more of you that buy the tickets in advance for the gigs, the larger the line-up - it’s as simple as that. So please, please, buy your tickets now, this is an expensive show. Unlike other people who play at these churches for the ambience, we are actually using the organ and the piano. The line-up will be:
Garvan Gallagher on Bass and Vocals
Mick Egan on Guitar
Aileen Mythen on Vocals and Percussion
Josh Johnston on Organ and Piano
and myself on Guitar and Piano - we might add trumpet if you book now!

Aileen's band The Remedy Club will open for us.

Saturday, June 11th: Unitarian Church, Dublin; Tickets here.
Saturday, June 18th: St Iberius Church, Wexford; Tickets here.
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