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Celebrate reaching the Pledge Goal with me at the Harp this Sunday July 12th.

New York City July 6, 2015. (it’s hot) We celebrated July 4th up on our roof looming high above First Avenue.  At Nine O’Clock the fireworks shot up above the East River to our right, and all along the rooftops people from the adjoining buildings spread out picnics and sipped chilled wine from their glasses. Suddenly a multi-coloured square drone lifted up from the roof next to ours and rose way up into the grey war clouds of the night sky, remnants of a dirty day. In what seemed like no time at all, it was up high and far away, someone said 23rd Street (we’re on 11th). It was flying into the fireworks, there it was way out there on its own, a tiny little object with coloured fluorescent lights. It seemed like a little animal facing up to the massive sparkled hoops and dripping cascades of caramel coloured stardust, booming subsonic explosions, and carnival kaleidoscopes. It was as if it was saying “I’m with them down there on that little roof”.

And in front of me four silhouetted people sat at a table on another Hopper brick building, this one elevated above the rest with a slight slant, they looked like paper cut-outs as the colours changed from red to green and blue exploding sand behind them.  I took out my iPhone and had to use the moment to thank you for pledging your hard earned cash towards my next album. I didn’t want anyone to see me, I was a little embarrassed, but how could I pass by this moment, with this fireworks exhibition that cost a fortune being provided as a backdrop for free. We can make big things for a small price, and that’s what I hope to do with the belief you have instilled in me with your hard earned support. Here is that video, it cudda been better, but it couldn’t have had better intentions. I am so grateful.

And if you are in New York this Sunday July 12th we will celebrate reaching the 100% goal with Pledge at the Harp Raw Bar & Grill at 729 Third Ave, New York at 6 p.m., for the first of 3 weekly Sunday gigs.  The singers (Kath and Andriette) from Avon Faire will be there and the roof will be open to the July sky. We will do all the “Best of’s” and some new songs from the forthcoming album - after the set I will hop behind the bar and give out free drinks!! What’s not to like? There will be a full page article in the Irish Echo this week. Please tell everybody.  And by the way, the Pledge campaign is still open, hopefully we will go way above the goal like that tiny drone.

I love you more than air conditioning. 

Pierce xxx
Pierce says thanks for pledging
4th of July up on the roof
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