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I am back in NYC getting ready for the Frank McCourt 20th Anniversary show this Sunday at the Sheen Center in Manhattan (sold out) - it’s a new theatre on Bleecker Street. 
Having just spent a lot of time waiting in airports, I found myself noticing the effect of it and wondering if there is a song there?  It’s a kind of neutral ground, a place where all of our normal responsibilities go by the wayside; the bills piled upon each other in the hallway, the cost of an airport sandwich, our guard towards strangers; it feels like everyone there is in the same club! And tears come easily, for no particular reason. There is a sense of freedom; everything is put off until tomorrow, and no one can reasonably expect you to do a task regardless of the urgency.  It’s like you are in outer space and can’t be reached until you land, you don’t have to watch what you eat or drink, and it doesn’t matter if it’s morning or night.  Travelling can be hard, taking off the belt and the shoes, the in and out of the computer, explaining all the bloody wires that I have to carry with me, shoving it all down the line while holding on to my trousers, counting the gates for miles and miles, only to find an elevator that takes me to the next set of gates.  But once you get there and put down the bags, there is a great moment of respite to relish as you people watch with a very expensive pint and sandwich in hand, knowing that you are such a cad at that moment, that you are not phased by doling out a small fortune.
Thanks everyone who came to the Irish gigs, they were really thrilling for me, singing in those acoustics with that organ coming from behind the audience while we came from the front, created something truly unique, so special that I am adamant about doing a bunch more the next time, and it seemed to bring people out of the woodwork, some old and some new.  A gentleman called Donal from Waterford has found a beautiful church there that we are working on, if you know of a good church with a working organ and the right vibe (not stiff or depressing) please get in touch, it doesn’t matter where, lets look at it first before we decide.  And I mean in the US or UK also.
But what about Manhattan? The Sheen Center show is sold out, but no need to fret, we have a good one coming up at the glorious Joe’s Pub.  We will have the full ensemble from the last NY church gig: Andriette Redmann on bass and vocals plus Kath Green on vocals and percussion, John Rokosny on guitar, Fred Parcells on the bone and vocals, and Mark Brotter on drums and percussion, me on the grand piano and guitar, we will do the new album and the old ones, tickets are on sale starting now.  I hope to see all the familiar faces and those new ones that have been popping up with the gleeful surprise of virginity.
One gets the feeling that these are golden days judging by the reaction in Ireland - in New York, please come and celebrate with a nice cool cocktail, bring your vibe and I’ll bring mine.  BTW, I made it a Thursday to suit your summer weekends.

Thursday, July 21st: Joe's Pub, New York: Tickets here
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