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“I’m not coddin you boy, but you brought the good wedder wit ye, sno doubtin about it”

“Thanks, it’s my pleasure, it’s a pity it’s so windy though”

“Ah now it’s grand, r ye jokin me, no, fair play, and credit where it’s due, ye deffinly brought the sun wit ye. Someone told me you were playin somewhere in the near future. I forget who it was now, who’s this was it now? Jasus I could be wrackin me brains here all day. You don’t know who I am do ye?”

“Yeah I’m playin in Dublin this weekend on Saturday the 11th and in Wexford at St Iberius on June 18th before I go back”

“I’m not coddin ye boy, you have the life! dares no doubt about it, I suppose you’re making pucks of money?”

“Yeah, do you want some?”

“Ha ha dat bates all, I’ll do me best to see ye down dere, when did ye say it was. June 12th?”

“No, June 11th is Dublin, June 18th is Wexford

(He was still doing his best to ignore me presenting him with my iPhone, with the ticket website open on it).

“Oh, Jays I can’t go on the 18th, I just remembered, I knew dere was somtin, I know it sounds funny, but there’s an oul aunt of mine who is dying, she’s been tretenin to die for years now, but we do actually expect her to die soon and dat’s goin to be some funeral!, I say I’ll be busy around dat time wit everyone being home an all”

“OK, That’s a new one I have to say, all the best”


Someone stopped the organist Josh Johnston - who is playing with me at these 2 performances – on the street and asked him where he could get a ticket for the Dublin show, Josh told him to go here and he said that he doesn’t have the internet. Now I know that those of you receiving this email, have the internet.  But still it dawned on me that some of you might not want to deal with ordering tickets that way, so I will take your names here and reserve a ticket for you. Thursday will be the last day for taking names though, as there is just too much to do after that, also you will need to be at the church no later than 8 p.m.  The show is half sold now, so it’s going well, but I want to fill it, this is an expensive show, and worth it, the sound is incredible. I have been thinking of songs of mine that are suited to the wonderful church acoustics, and there are a good few! I sang “Oh Ireland" yesterday at the piano in the church and it was made for it.

 If you know someone who is internet shy, just tell them to go to the door on the night, they should be fine, they can sit on my lap.  So send your reservations to

See you there lads.  Love Piercex

PS: I will have albums for sale at the gigs

Saturday, June 11th: Unitarian Church, Dublin; Tickets here.
Saturday, June 18th: St Iberius Church, Wexford; Tickets here.
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